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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Baby Fogue Update [31 Weeks]

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This week is full of mommy milestones.  While Baby Wes has been growing away, my energy and "must get everything done" attitude has taken over.  Chris called me a little bird the other night as I was in the nursery putting his crib together at 10 pm.  If you know me, I'm usually in bed long before this time.

Along with full on nursery prep which you saw a preview of earlier this week in our nursery mood board post, I've been training my maternity leave replacement for my day job.  Needless to say, prep work is in full force.

Baby Size: In this corner is Baby Wes, weighing in at 3.31 lbs and 16.1 inches long (a pretty big growth spurt from last week which mommy fully feels.) In veggie weight, he's about the size of a bushel of asparagus.

Symptoms: Swollen cankles.  Fortunately, it's nothing health wise I have to worry about and just the result of being pregnant during the summer.  Also new in the symptom department is rib kicks.  Wes is head down in preparation for his debut so those little feet have found a new home underneath my rib cage.  Bluh!

Currently Missing: All the caffeine.  So last pregnancy, I was the saint of abstaining from caffeine.  I've limited myself to one drink a day.  But those really large Starbucks coffees have been screaming my name.  Especially with pumpkin spice season nearing. 

Sleep: Sleep has been limited this week.  Not because of my little baby, but my bigger one.  She's been battling a stomach virus which has thrown her off of her usual good sleep routine.  All in preparation right!?

Cravings and favorite foods:  Speaking of pumpkin spice latte's, I'm ready for a giant pumpkin roll.  Can you tell I'm really getting into the fall mood, it's the nesting right!?

Mood: Productive.  I don't think I've felt this productive since I found out I was pregnant.  Which is a good thing.  I'm usually in my happy place when I'm getting stuff done and seeing results.  This nursery project is making me extra happy.

Maternity clothes:  I found the top I'm wearing today on Zulily.  It is white with coral stripes and has a cut out back.  It's nice for the summer time.  Jeans are my usual Motherhood Maternity pants.

Buying: This week's purchase is a pendant light for the nursery.  Instead of purchasing a whole light, I bought a hanging pendant light kit and a large drum shade for less than $30.  It currently houses a white and 80s brass ceiling fan.  Lighting has been the source of my anxiety with this room.  So finally deciding on something basic that will flow nicely with this room has me screaming at myself "Why didn't I think of this before?" 

Aspens Reaction: As my belly grows larger these days, so has Aspen's excitement for baby brother.  At night we love to cuddle and she loves to give brother hugs and kisses.  A few nights ago as we were laying in bed, Aspen was talking to baby brother.  This was her conversation:

"Goodnight baby brother."
"Tinkle, Tinkle wittle star..."
"Mom, I'm ready to see baby brother."
"Mom, can we just take him out now."

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Baby Boy's Adventure Nursery Mood Board

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I had BIG dreams!

When 2017 rolled around I had one project in mind.  I was ready to tackle our Guest Bedroom redo.  I was going to make it a huge spring project.  So many fun ideas, including using some classic granny-chic floral wallpaper.  Trust me guys, it was going to look great! 

Then February blew in and we got that big fat positive, you know those two pink lines, meaning there was a baby in our near future.  Ok, that wasn't a huge issue, I quickly reworked the renovation ideas to add in a crib while keeping this totally girly theme.  I was secretly hoping for a little girl just so this room would work out.

Then God said NOPE!  And handed me a little boy.  Chris is over the moon and I'm beyond happy to add a little boy and balance to our family.  But that meant I had to scrap all of my ideas for our guest room.  I just wasn't putting pink floral wall paper in a little boys room.  Here I am six months later and I finally have a plan for our nursery/guest bedroom makeover.

I was starting this project with all of my big pieces of furniture.  We were given a green bed and would use the crib and dresser from Aspen's nursery.  So my color scheme was already in place.  How classic and fun blue and green would be for a boy.

The hard part was the specifics and keeping this room nursery themed while also providing a space for guests to stay. 

I started collecting things I loved for this room and soon an adventure theme was born.  Wes' room will have any and everything from arrows and mountains to airplanes and globes. 

To bring a bit of light and airiness to the room, I went with the paint color of Mink Frost from Valspar.  Thanks to all your input over on IG.  We spent this past weekend tackling the painting.

To tie these two separate living areas into one room, I will use this rug I purchase on Amazon Prime Day to give the room flow and cohesiveness.  The key to this trick is placing the rug where all key elements will be on it.  I've also considered adding a fun sheep skin rug under the crib for a nice layered look.

Make sure to continue following along as I plan to update you on the nursery/guest room progress as we try to cram it all in before baby (or bed rest) arrives. 

Want even more?  I'm usually hanging out over on Instagram, you can find me @shea_thefogueabode.