The Fogue Abode: December 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

Get Your Shine On

The worst part about Christmas is having to find a place to put all the goodies you received. As I went to put up a couple of yummy necklaces last night, I realized I had absolutely no space for any more sparkle. So guess what time it is....DIY TIME! I remember a few weeks ago seeing this cute little necklace hanger made out of a picture frame on one of my favorite sites ETSY. Then I remembered the awesome vintage frames I had in my spare room....out comes the screw driver and hangers...

And voilĂ  a crafty vintage necklace organizer for the new house!

Friday, December 27, 2013

This New House

Oh what fun it is to....purchase a new house. There will be no more riding in one horse open slay's because the Fouge's will be broke, b-r-o-k-e, broke.

Welcome to our blog The Fouge Abode. Took me an hour to decide on a catchy name, and there she blows. If it took me an hour for a name, you can guess the pain the poor Mr went through in the house selection process...and we were only really interested in the one house. Now I know why people say that buying/building a house is such a strain. Nothing major happend in that department, but we certainly know each others different opinions on matters such as siding and flooring and cabnits and...

But the choice was finally made, and its almost a done deal, just waiting on that magic closing date..

Pictures to come...I feel border line stalker by driving by the house every day...I think stopping in the road and snapping pictures may cross that line. And we don't need any mug shots for decorations in the new Casa!

So, there is my quick hello. I hope all of you enjoy updates of our little BIG adventure that we are about to set out on. I have enough projects to keep the Mr busy for a life time, and hopefully you will get to see them all. And while neither of us know much about DIYing, we hope that you can help us out with pointers along the way.