The Fogue Abode: An Introduction to The Fogue Abode

Friday, January 17, 2014

An Introduction to The Fogue Abode

Welcome to our home! We are so excited to have finally gotten those keys.

Here is a brief tour of our new home (pre-furniture, clutter, and junk):

The family room: one of the main aspects that sold me on this house was this room! I love how huge and open it is and that stained concrete floor, ah to die for! This is the room we purchased new furniture for, if only it would get here.

The Kitchen: my next favorite room. I just think my red will pop in this beautiful kitchen with white cabinets and black granite. Yummy!

The Living Room: or as I call it the formal room.  It will probably never be used and will probably be the last room decorated, but I have big plans for this baby!


Bathrooms: The Mint Julep and the Master Disaster

Finally the Bonus Room, Molly and Lola's room (AKA the closet under the stairs), the hall, and the porch. The Laundry Room has already began renovations which we shared yesterday. Its now a pretty sunny yellow.

And there you have it. May not be much to many, but it's now everything to us. I have so many plans and ideas (which I plan to scribble down and share eventually) I hope you enjoy the ride with us!

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