The Fogue Abode: Happy 1 Week Anniversary

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy 1 Week Anniversary

We have been in our house for 1 week today! Yay! It feels like a lifetime ago, yet it has flown right by. To commemorate our first week, I wanted to share with you my Master Plan aka The List.

For the last several days, I've been keeping this notebook handy so that I can scribble down ideas for what I want done to each room. While it hasn't seen much action lately (who knew moving just 5 minutes down the road was so time consuming,) I'm sure it will be filled in no time. Now that I've really had a chance to somewhat organize this into a room by room plan...I figured I would share with you our plans for the house.

• New siding, possibly brick
• Find a new lantern style light for the front and garage side door
• Landscaping additions.
• Furniture for the patio and the little side porch
• New oil rubbed bronze door handles and dead bolts for all exterior doors
• Privacy fence for the pooches
• Trim back some of the trees in the back yard

• Finish this out by adding sheetrock.
• Put face plates on all of the electrical outlets (these were all missing when we purchased the house, but I can handle a couple of 50 cent face plates.)
• Finish up the workshop off of the garage.
• Clean and potentially paint the garage door
• Find some nice lighting for above the garage door
• Find a nice lantern style light for the side door

The Family Room
• Paint walls a light grey (probably the same grey that will go down the hallway)
• Upgrade the green curtains to something that fits our color pallet of grey and red (with a dash of blue)
• Buy new furniture
• Wall Décor
• Upgrade the sliding glass door to perhaps a French door
• Make the side closet into a mud room (requires rewiring of the electrical light to put a switch in the closet)


• Paint the Laundry a pale yellow we went with a little brighter yellow then intended but it looks crisp with the white trim
• Create built ins to include baskets for sorting clothes, a wall mounted ironing board, and a rod for hanging clothes
• Shelf over the washer and dryer

• Add picture frames above the cabinets
• Frame some handwritten recipes from my grandmothers cookbooks
• Perhaps, add some sliding shelves to the pantry to maximum usage
• Touch up the white cabinets
• Paint it a medium grey

Dining area
• Décor for the built in nook
• Add a chandelier over the table
• Paint medium grey
• Refinish a butcher block from my great-grandfather

Living Room
• Paint medium grey
• Find an area rug
• Yellow and White Armless or Winged back Chairs (something like this or this )
• Create an entry area on the wall by the stairs

Hall Closet/Lola and Molly’s Room I'm most excited about creating this room
• Pull up the carpet and replace with some kind of pet friendly flooring
• Paint medium/light grey with stamp or chevron design
• Find a doggie couch
• Install a permanent gate

• Paint light grey with a white chair railing
• Replace or DYI spray paint the door handles. They are currently a very scratched up gold
• Small side table for the end of the hall

Bedroom # 1 – Smallest Room
• Find a paint color
• Make headboard
• Find something for nightstands (perhaps an upside down trash can?)
• Redo carpet or perhaps hardwood

Bedroom # 2 – Main Guest Room

• Paint a dark blue perhaps
• Find some light colored bedding
• Redo carpet or perhaps hardwood

Hall Bath
• Scrap the popcorn ceiling and paint. (Something like this from Young House Love )
• Hang a tall shower curtain
• Frame the mirror
• Art for behind the toilet
• Cool tile for the floor

Master Bedroom
• King sized bedroom set
• Light wall color
• New Curtains
• Perhaps some French doors like the family room
• Create a little sitting area by the doors

Master Bath
• Hang tall shower curtain
• Tile for the floor
• Frame the Mirror
• Perhaps paint the cabinets a dark color

Upstairs Bedroom/Office
• Find desk for the little nook with the window
• Add some floating shelves
• Futon and TV for the Mr to game on (futon could double as an extra bed if we ever needed it)

• Find some cool patio furniture
• Create a little outdoor kitchen area with the grill
• Sand and refinish the deck.

Whew that is a large list, and it’s not going to be done overnight and it may not ever get done. This is my dream for this house.

My projects list will grow with us as we grow in our home. I’m certainly excited to see what we can accomplish with our new home.

As you can see we are already marking things off our list, how exciting!

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