The Fogue Abode: I Got My Shine On! ~Project Update~

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Got My Shine On! ~Project Update~

For my loyal readers of one month, you may have seen the projects I did recently creating 2 old picture frames into jewlrey holders.

Here I created a nifty little necklace holder using hook screws. I just drilled out some holes and inserted the screws. I used a little glue to make sure they would handle the weight of some of my heavier pieces.

And Here I used a similar frame plus a left over piece of back porch screen to create an earring holder. 

I figured I would provide a little update of where these pieces ended up.  I hung them in our bathroom right over the towel rack.  Hopefully by having them stare at me every day, I will remember that I have these awesome pieces.  Too many times I would go jewelry free because I forgot I owned anything.  When their tucked away in a drawer, its easy to forget them.

Ignore the holes in the walls, I haven't spackled them yet.

I'm curious to see if you have created any cool jewlery holders and how they are working out for you. 

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