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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bright Lights, Big City!

Or should I say big family room! I know that you have seen our enormous (or at least to us) family room which we introduced to you nearly 3 weeks ago back here .

Knowing that we had a lot of space, we went and bought a lot of furniture, or so we thought.  After 4 1/2 very long weeks, the furniture we purchase from Ashley's back here  finally made its grand arrival yesterday in the freezing rain and ice.  I will say that the delivery guys were pretty great and tried very hard not to track any mud in.  I know some folks just don't care and tromp through your house like a bull elephant in a china shop as my momma always said. 

So, back to the story, they deliver all of our furniture and we quickly go to arrange it.  First we tried a set up very similar to what the previous owner had.  It looked a lot like this.

But that just didn't work.  It was way to spaced out and did not accomplish my goal of a warm and cozy family room.  So I tried another option.  Since I had so much room I decided to make virtually 2 different areas.  The lounging tv area and a little nook behind it with a bench and our doggie supplies so that we can easily take the girls in and out.  Possibly a little play area for little ones one day (way down the road, don't get any ideas.)  So far this is what I have accomplished.  Looks a little better and I need some additional pieces in the back, but it's not feeling like "Ah ha!  This is it!"

So what are some of you opinions on furniture placement for a large room.  You can find tons of info on how to make a small room feel larger, but there is some neglect in the area of how to make a large room work.

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