The Fogue Abode: Happy One Month Homaversary!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy One Month Homaversary!

Hello there! Sorry I have not been very active lately. I do have a real life day job which has had me going to one meeting after another. I've been to Texas and Alabama all in the past week. So now that I'm back (and our one month anniversary with our new home has past,) I figure I would give you a walk through again of the house. Remember our original walk through here.  Oh how empty and different it looks.  Looking back at the pictures, I have realized how much work we have actually done.  So here we go, another tour of our home to see what improvements have been made.

The Family Room - We have added lots of furniture, beautiful curtains, some of my flee market finds like the ladder shelves and the hutch.  It really feels like home now.  Still lots to do!  Paint, put stuff up on the walls!  Those are the main 2 projects

The Laundry Room!  Its bright yellow and has the essentials, including the cute Lost Socks sign my mom made for Christmas.  I still need to add a shelf over the washer and dryer and a few little nick-nacks on it.

The Dining Area!  Look at my most treasured Flee market find.  This old butcher block which is now our mini-bar.  And I've added a few items to our built-ins.

The Kitchen!  Still one of my favorites.  I love my dark granite and my flat top stove.  If only we could shut the dang smoke alarm up.

The Living Room!  Still needing furniture, but I have my mantle decorated.

The Hall Bath!  I've got the essentials in there but not much else.  I have big plans for this guy, but it is at the moment pushed down my list.

The Hall!  Hopefully soon I can whip some paint on these walls and splash up a chair railing.  Maybe touch up the ceilings with a  grey-blue?

The weight room aka bedroom 3!  Yes we have equipment in there, no it has not been used since we moved.  Shame on us!

The Master - Basically all we carried over.  I'm still debating what I want this room to look like.  Lots of potential here folks.

Master Bath - Big plans for this guy too!  I would love to do a huge upgrade.  Saving pennies!

Well that's all folks!  What do you think so far?

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