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Monday, February 24, 2014

Metal Treasure

On of my treasured finds a few weeks ago at the local flea market were a few old metal chairs.  You remember the kind your grandparents had when you were younger.  Yeah that kind.

They were yellow and light blue so I decided to try my hand at some spray painting

About half way through I realized I forgot the before picture so this is about half way done.

Two coats later, ta-da:

I'll admit I skipped the preferred primer stage.  But these already had paint on them and it wasn't chipped anywhere so I just painted on top of it.  I'll update you a little later on how they hold up.

Update: We have had these chairs out for 2 full years now.  We had a huge storm blow through last year which blew them over and scuffed the paint.  But I now love that natural wearing they received.  Besides that, they pain has held up awesome.  They are easy to wipe out when they get dirty.

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