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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trim Action

I pretty much took the weekend off when it came to house projects. It was our first weekend with the new furniture and I felt like being a couch potato. So vegging around and enjoying the beautiful white snow took up most of the day on Saturday.

  The Fogue Abode's first snow!

Then we had our Valentine's Date night on Sunday.  It was our first date night in a long time, well probably since our Anniversary last May. We enjoyed our traditional date night activities of Outback (we are blooming onion addicts) and a movie.

In between the snow, vegging on the couch, and date night, I did manage to sneak in a little work finishing up our paint job on the living/dining/kitchen. Our white trim was looking a bit mellow. It had plenty of scuff marks, some paint drippings from our job and the previous paint job, and lots of dirt and dust.

I started the job by taking a bucket of pine sol and a brush and giving them a good thorough cleaning. I didn't want my paint brush to be clogged up little dust bunnies now did I. Once this dried, I took my handy dandy 2" Purdy XL Premium Angle Brush, my hand held paint bucket and about a 3" x 12" piece plastic drop cloth and got busy working on the trim.

The technique is basically just like cutting in on your walls. Luckily, most of my base boards had a thin gap between them and the floor so I just slid the drop cloth under them and didn't have to be to careful on the bottom section.

Now the paint I chose to get, much different from my wall paint selection, was a white semi-gloss trim paint from Sherwin Williams. My wall paint was a Satin finish which has more of a matte finish compared to the semi-gloss, but is a little more difficult to clean. The reason I went with the semi-gloss on the trim was simply because I knew that dust bunnies love to hang out on your trim and the semi-gloss would be much easier to wipe down with a damp cloth (or even a dryer sheet which works wonders if you're in a hurry.)

So here it is before, I know its difficult to see how groody they look from the picture, but trust me, they had become an eye sore with my freshly painted grey wall.

And here is the after, I just love the look of the crisp white against the grey. Also another reason I love a white finish as opposed to the natural wood, you can just whip out a fresh paint coat and having them looking good as new in a mere hour.

So, what are you guys planning for a Valentine's day celebration? Will it be filled with any house projects?

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