The Fogue Abode: March 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Feeling a Bit Moody!

A couple of days ago I whipped up a mood board for a friend who is getting ready to paint her living room. This was definitely a fun little project imagining it up from scratch.  All of the pieces I included could be fun DIY projects that could take any room from drab to FAB!  Listed below are where the pieces I've pictured actually came from, and below that I will explain how you can create this yourself at home on a budget.


Glass table lamp

White home decor

Water painting

So how can you DIY it?

1. A cream base paint and Fire Red Accent Wall Ok, this is one of my favorite looks. For those who know me, my former house had this in the living room. For about $40 you can recreate this in your room. Right now Sherwin Williams has some awesome coupons if you sign up online.

2. Cream Couch Who doesn't love this classic look. It can easily be yours for around $40. How you say, by simply buying a slip cover to go over your already existing couch. I found several at plus they are currently running a 10% promo...who doesn't love money back in your pocket.

3. Navy Accent Chair Its all about the accents that bring this room to life.  This chair can be recreated several ways.  You can always add a slip cover over an exsisting chair, or I've seen a ton of classic wing-backed chairs at local flee-markets on the cheap if your willing to try reupholstery (which is on my to-do list.)

4. Pallet Coffee Table  My favorite piece here (which I plan on diy-ing myself soon) is the pallet coffee table.  Find a local buisiness who is willing to give or sale on the cheap a large pallet, sand it down and either stain it or paint it, add the wheels that can be found at any local hardware store, and ta-da you have a coffee table.  I could see this project being $25-30 tops. 

5. Accents Again, this is all about the accents.  And who doesn't need accent pillows.  You can easily find these for mear pocket change at a local thrift store or even Walmart or Target. 

6. Lamps Every room, in my opinion, needs a lamp.  The more light in a room the better.  One thing no one wants (unless your hibernating for the winter) is a dark room.  This lamp again can easily be done at home if you don't want to spend $200.  Search those swap shops and thrift stores for any kind of lamp.  A can of white spray paint for the base and a cool fabric applied to the shade and you have yourself a new lamp!

7. Art  I love the blue art in this board.  Have fun with it.  Have your kids splash a canvise with blue paint.   Find some greenery outside and dip in paint.  Let your imagination run wild.  If you don't want to get messy, find a cool swatch of fabric and frame it. 

If you ever feel like redoing a room, don't let the price tags from the beautiful rooms in the magazines fool you.  Do some research, get creative.  There are a ton of ways to redo any room on any budget.  Don't be afraid to try it. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Busy Bees

It's almost spring time and we have been some busy bee's around the Fogue House!!! We spent a weekend getting our yard cleaned up including raking up ga-billions of leaves (yes I just created a new word) and cleaning up the flower beds in the front of the house.

We bought a couple of new toys from Lowe's, a lawn rake which came in very handy. I think the Mr enjoyed riding around on the mower as opposed to raking. And I got a leaf blower to help me get in and around the flower beds we have all along the front of the house. I even added this cute little Welcome flag that just makes it look so homey.

This plus my new metal chairs, all we need is a few hanging plants and a wind chime, and maybe some planters by the door and this front will look quiet swanky!

We also built a little shelf for behind the washer and dryer. I love how it took this room from just bluh to FABULOUS!!! This is an easy way to hide all those cords and hoses and add a little delight to your laundry room. We just took a plain jane piece of lumber we got at Lowe's, painted it black, and sat it on a couple of L-brackets. It was a really easy DIY project and the Mr got to use his power tools that were collecting dust! (Don't worry little fella's, I have lots to do that will get you back out during the daylight.)

So...what's next for the Fogue Abode? Stay tuned!

Note: We are not affiliated with Lowe's nor did they pay for us to make these statements.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Enlighten Me

Check out my inspiration board for the master bedroom.  Will use the lighter blue-green as my ceiling color to create a spa-like relaxing atmospher.  Now to get busy finding pieces and the popcorn ceiling scrapped.  What are some of your upcoming projects?