The Fogue Abode: Mugshots

Monday, January 12, 2015


No, we haven't been in jail.  But I have been working all week on a really cool DIY project featuring our mugs...on a plate!

I've always loved the look of a silhouette, so royal and grand.  Then as I was perusing the blogosphere the other day I saw this really cool and modern take on the classic silhouette.  Off to the store I ran excited to make my own silhouette portraits.  This project cost a whole $5!!  That is the most exciting part.  So here is a step-by-step of how you can make your own silhouette portrait.

Step 1 - First you'll need your pictures.  Since I had to cut them out, I just printed them on standard paper, nothing special here.

Notice this didn't make it up on the wall.  No one could figure out it Molly's head

Step 2 - Take your cut-out picture and trace it onto black construction paper.  I used a silver sharpie I had on hand, but a pencil will also work just fine.  Then cut that baby (dog, husband, cat, whatever) out.

Step 3 - Mod Podge!!!  I slathered the back of my picture with mod podge then stuck it to the plates that I picked up for $1 at the dollar store.  Then slather generously some more mod podge on the front of your picture to give it a glossy look.

Step 4 - Save some tabs off of a coke your drinking.  Glue that sucker to the back of the plate to use as your mounting bracket.  And hang your finished project.

Easy peasy and now you have a cool piece hanging that is sure to get some attention when you have guests over.

So here is a breakdown of what I used:

  • Salad plates that I purchased at the dollar store $4
  • Construction paper also purchased at the dollar store $1
  • Mod Podge already had on hand but you can purchase for around $4.5
  • Tabs from a coke free
  • Hot glue gun also had on hand

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