The Fogue Abode: Painting, Fleas, and Burger!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Painting, Fleas, and Burger!

First off many apologize on the absence of posts lately.  I've started a project I'm very excited to share with y'all once it gets done; however, it is taking longer then expected. 

But here I am back to share my fun finds this weekend.  I got to head over to Texarkana on Saturday for a little shopping and Painting.  First off was a little local Flea Market where I had this cute retro find for only $13 thanks to an additional 20% off.  Girl loves a good sell.

This is just a preview to the cute little project I've been working on.  I'm planning to get it done by the weekend before we have a ton of family down for a fishing Saturday and Easter Sunday.

Next we stopped by this awesomely fun new place called Painting with a Twist.  The down low is you get to paint a picture + wine = fun art work to hang in the house.  Here we are mid-project.

And here is our final outcome.

This was just a ball of fun and I recommend everyone to go try it out.

Lastly I talked the fam into swinging by Target to pick up a Burger 

One of my favorite home blogs Young House Love has a line of hangers in Target and my girls so needed a Burger (their doggy in hanger form) to hold their very own leashes.

And that sums up the weekend!  Back to working and even more painting tomorrow.

How did you guys enjoy the weekend? 

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