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Thursday, January 21, 2016

bluum Box Subscription Reveiw: January 2016

*I am currently not affiliated with bluum or any of the brands listed.  This review is based off the opinion of this blog and was provided with a paid subscription.

One of my favorite gifts A received for Christmas this year was a subscription to bluum Box.  bluum is a monthly subscription box filled with preselected goodies for your babies.  Their MOMs (Managers of Merchandising) pick out products ranging from snacks, toys, activities, to clothing that fit your child's age range, gender and developmental stage.  They also have a cool new feature that allows you to customize your box even  more. 

Each product that bluum provides is selected and reviewed by moms just like me and you.  They pull organic and all natural products.  It's a fun way for us moms to sample products and see which ones our kids truly love.  bluum then provides you with an email listing your products and further information on the brand, and benefits to the child's development.

So, let's get down to the nitty-gritty.  I know your curious what our bluum box included this month.

Our box is for a 13 month old. 

This box was jam packed with goodies...A receives this box as a gift from her Mimi & Pepaw.  I think it's safe to say Mimi got a little carried away with the bluum up button which lets you add customized products to your package.  It gets the added benefit of free shipping that our subscription already comes with.  Whoo Hoo for FREE!  Here's the run down of exactly what we got.

Yum Earth Organics Valentines Day Gummy Bears: These are an excellent product for all the crunchy moms out there.  These gummy bears are artificial die-free, gluten-free, peanut-free and have a healthy dose of daily vitamin C.  These are valued at $5 but I found them on amazon for over $10.

Little Duck Organics Tiny Yogurts:  These are little freeze dried fruit and yogurt bites that are in small bite sized pieces.  A wanted these right away and really enjoyed these treats.  It also is in a rezipable packet which makes these easy to throw in the diaper bag.  These were valued at $3.50 but I found them for $2.99 + shipping on amazon.

Animal Planet Finger Puppet Gloves: These little farm animal finger puppets were certainly cute.  A enjoyed a little game of Old McDonald with these.  The puppets are valued at $5.99.

*Add-On Story Set Pink Car & Girl:  This little wooden set is just adorable.  It's tiny enough for little hands to easily handle and zoom around the room.  Valued at $6.99

*Add-On Play and Craft Puzzle:  I was excited over this giant puzzle.  The pieces are big enough and its just perfect for A's developmental stage of putting things together.  Valued at $8.99

Bright Baby Grip: It's Time to Play Book:  I like that this book is full of play items that A can recognize.  It's also got a fun little cut out for her hands to easily hold the book, which is currently her favorite thing to do. Book is valued at $4.99

*Add-On Beddy-Bye Baby Book:  This is a fun little book for bedtime that includes gentle sensory pages for A to touch and feel.  Great to soothe her to sleep.  Valued at $7.99

*Add-On Nonskid Divided Plates (set of 3):  I love these little divided plates.  They are very colorful and have deep pockets to keep food divided.  The bottoms feature this skid-proof rubber bottom.  Valued at $14.99

Vintage Sage Dish Soap:  I love the little thrown in gift for mom they included.  This is a nice size sample of an organic dish soap.  And it smells amazingly clean.   Valued at $6.75

Box Value $26.23  - This is the total for the items selected for the 13 month box not including those items that were added on.  I feel like this was a valid box and I really enjoyed the diversity in products they selected.  The beauty of this subscription is some months can be a steal of a deal but they always seem to at least get your money's worth out of the products.

>>>Alright, now your asking, how much does this cost to get one for my little.  They have a wide selection of plans so you can choose how many bluum boxes you receive.  You can try it monthly for $34 a box or you can go up to a 12-month subscription for just $25 per box.  While the actual box valued right at the cost of the subscription, I'm satisfied due to the fact that I found the treats online for much more.  And, they seemed like all around good products.<< 

If you use coupon Baby10, you can receive $10 off your first months order.  That would be a one month subscription to try out for just $24.  You can easily spend that much alone on puffs and toys from your local grocery store. 

And if you are signing up for the first time, please use our reference code

Check in Next Month for our February bluum box review. 

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