The Fogue Abode: Bringing Sunshine to a Dark Winter World

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bringing Sunshine to a Dark Winter World

Here we are in the heart of winter.  Everything is cold, bitter and dead, and that's not just your mood.  (No wonder bears hibernate during this time.)  I long for the beautiful greens and pinks and yellows from the summer days.  When taking a trip down the road brings a smile to your face just looking at God's design. 

It's during these times that I especially like to freshen up my house and office.  And, you don't have to break the bank to get a couple of lovely bouquets of flowers. 

These were made for my daughter's first birthday party and then I repurposed them as décor around the house and my office.  I have a lovely cup of happiness in every room now.


Stop by the produce section at your local grocery store.  I found a beautiful bouquet of white daisies and pink carnations for $10 total.  I stopped by the craft section and picked out some artificial berries for $0.99 a bundle.  Then, I just added them to a couple of mason jars I already had on hand.  I spent a whopping $14 and got 4 beautiful bouquets to freshen up my house.

New Years Resolution: To make a couple of fresh bouquets every couple of months.  I love how easy it was and how beautiful they can make a room. 

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