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Friday, January 22, 2016

Glittery Chalk Paint Mason Jar DIY

I have a confession to make, I freaking love Mason Jars!  I use them for everything!  I store cotton balls and q-tips in them in our bathroom.  I incorporated them into my wedding which you can see here.  I use it to wash my LOs hair out in the bathtub.  I use them for flower vases.  I even use them occasionally to drink out of!  What, you mean those things are for storing canned goods...who knew!?

With so many jars laying around and a jar of chalk paint, I figured I would try my own spin at Chalk Paint Mason Jars. 

Supplies you will need:one regular sized mason jar, chalk paint (I used a white paint,) 2 paint brushes or sponges, Mod Podge, glitter, and sandpaper.

Step 1:  I started with a clean clear mason jar.  I used a sponge to paint a layer of chalk paint on the jar.  At first it's going to look really bad and like it's going to take a lot of work.  But each coat of paint looks better.  Also, the thing I love about chalk paint is that it's supposed to look imperfect.  

Step 2: After a couple of hours, it was ready for another coat.  Or, in my case, the next day because A decided on an early bed time and I got sucked into a Netflix show.

I wanted a very imperfect look, which is why I chose to use the sponge.  At closer look you can see the brush strokes and missed spots.

Step 3:  I added one more coat of the chalk paint.  That made 3 coats.

Step 4:  Once that last coat has dried, you want to sand down any raised spots. This gives it a warn look to it.  Make sure to get the smallest details, like the "Made in the USA" markings and the rim lines.

Step 5:  I used a very small brush (confession, this is actually a make up brush, but I like the stiffness and clean line it gives) to paint a light layer of Mod Podge over the "Ball" on the mason jar.  I didn't cover the whole name, but chose to get sporadic spaces.

Step 6:  Last, I sprinkled gold glitter over the Mod Podge and then dusted it off.  I love using Mod Podge to glue glitter.  It dries super quickly which gives you an instant project update.

And here it is completed.  Add some flowers for a cute little table centerpiece.  You could also use it to store pens, make up brushes or even your measuring spoons for your kitchen.

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