The Fogue Abode: #ProjectBathroomReno - Week 1 - Demo

Monday, January 25, 2016

#ProjectBathroomReno - Week 1 - Demo

Hello....from the other side...of the snow storm.  I had planned to give you our Week 1 Hall Bath Reno update on Friday, but a non-snow snow day changed my plans.  What's a non-snow snow day?  Well, you see, what had happened was, it snowed starting at our county line, but not a single flake fell at home.  Thus, changing all of my plans for the day on Friday and we got a not very snowy snow day.  So, you got to see this cool Mason Jar DIY project. 

Now, here we are, technically on Week 2 of Hall Bath Reno, but I'm going to update you on the happenings of Week 1.  If you will recall here, we discussed all of our plans for the bathroom.  This week started that project in motion. 

Monday morning, the bath looked a lot like this.

And by the end of the week, looked more or less like this:

The Mister was home on vacation this week and did 99% of the demo himself.  I had to beg him for in-process pictures so what you see here are taken courtesy of his Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone. 

Monday began with the removal of the trim and the awful laminate flooring.  I was so happy to see that go.  It had stains and had turned a terrible yellowish color. 

Tuesday and Wednesday was the removal of the fiberglass tub.  The Mister thought if we broke the seal that it would just slide out.  We learned that lesson the hard way.  He ended up having to take a saw and cut it out piece by piece.

Here it is pictured almost all the way removed except for the edging on the wall.  With fiberglass tubs, you do not have to have any boarding behind it.  So this left a nice big hole in the wall which we will have to fill. 

We also had to remove the toilet, which we are saving.  The toilet and the cabinets will be the only pieces not replaced. 

Finally, on Thursday was the removal of the popcorn ceiling. Which, was a super easy project I will outline later this week. We also removed the counter top on the vanity which will be replaced. 

This picture includes a sneak peak of our first addition.  I'll talk more about this wall we built a little later on.

That concludes the update on #ProjectBathroomReno - Week 1.  At this point, there is no turning back, we are full steam ahead.  This is one of my favorite parts of a project.  Watching the old be torn out and envisioning the finished product. 

Stay tuned for even more bath updates throughout the week, I have a lot coming at you. 

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