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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Something in Blue: How to Turn a Dresser into a Changing Table

While we have the bathroom project going on, I'm going to flip flop back and forth between progress updates and a few of my favorite completed projects.

This project might just be one of my favorite projects to date.  But then again, I'm sure I say that about most of them.  However, this piece holds a special place in my  heart.  Here is the dresser turned changing table we re-did for the nursery. 

This piece was originally purchased by my grandparents when they were first married.  It was a dresser for many years in their house and as far as I can remember had been in my moms room ever since.  So I was thrilled to be able to use it in my little ones room.  It's a great piece that she can have the rest of her life. 

The renovation couldn't have been any easier.  We started by removing all the drawers, removing the knobs and sanding it down.  This was a beautiful old oak dresser, so we just had to make sure the top coat was sanded off.  If you are sanding through paint it may take a little bit more elbow-grease.

One thing I love about old dressers are the detail work on the drawers and how different each drawer is. 

Now, you will have to forgive me on this next part.  I was very pregnant here and totally forgot to get the color of the paint, it was a beautiful Navy blue.

We went down to our local Sherwin Williams and talked to them about our project.  I was actually going to go with a regular latex base paint, but they suggested a polycrylic gloss paint that was perfect.  And the best part, we got to skip priming.  (I would highly suggest using primer if you are painting a much lighter shade, but this color was so dark, it didn't really need it.) We painted two coats with this polycrylic paint using a 2" angle brush for the detailed work and a small foam roller brush for the smoother areas.  I lightly sanded in between coats to get any rough spots out.  It left a beautiful glossy shine that has held up to the forgotten wet wipes and occasional accidents.

I purchased the new hardware from Hobby Lobby.  They have an excellent source of knobs and pulls.  It was fun to mix and match the pieces. 

And that finishes up the project.  I couldn't believe how simple this process was. 

The finishing touches for the changing table include the changing pad with Carousel Designs Coral Pink and Navy Floral Changing Pad Cover, lamp from Home Goods, and Wipe Warmer which is hidden behind the picture frames.

I used the two drawers below the changing pad to house diapers, cream, baby powder and other toiletries. 

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