The Fogue Abode: The Fogue Abode - REVAMP'ED

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Fogue Abode - REVAMP'ED

Welcome back to The Fogue Abode....let me reintroduce myself.  I'm Mrs to the Fogue!  We are the typical American family.  Met in college, got married a few years later, bought a house, had a baby.  But through these many seasons in life, one thing has always remained the same, I'm a DIY'er at heart. 

Like most families, we long for the luxuries in life, but finding the extra dollars to afford that is near impossible.  So why not just do it yourself!  Or #lifehack!  So here we are DIYing it all day long.  You may see home projects, craft projects, or even kid projects, recipes, or fashion ideas.  Remodels to birthday parties to finding a better way to store those diapers and wipes.  This blog is for every mom, wife, and friend out there. 

So what can you expect this year?  I have so many projects we have already completed that I'm longing to share.  Our LO (little one in mom-inese) just had a huge first birthday bash that I will outline including all the DIY projects I did.  Plus a bathroom renovation that I'm eager to blog through. 

Sit back, relax, and get inspired!  And Welcome Home!

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