The Fogue Abode: What Say You? #ProjectBathReno

Thursday, January 28, 2016

What Say You? #ProjectBathReno

Alright guys and gals, I wanted to give you the floor today!  Give me your opinion!  Let me have it!  Good or Bad.

We are debating the sinks that will go in our bathroom.  What's your opinion, what's your experience, which do you like?

The countertop we have selected to go with is the Evercor Solid Surface Marble top.   

The counter top seen here on Dear Lillie.
But, the Mister and I can't agree on the sink.  I prefer the square under mounted sink that is featured here.

The Mister loves the look of this raised under mounted sink here.
So to settle our debate, and keep our sanity here at the beginning of this project, let us know which sink you prefer and why! 


  1. I love the sink you have picked out Shea. Both sinks are amazing, but the sink you've chosen is more subtle and charming. The other sink, I'm afraid, would draw all of the attention. That'd be fine if you wanted everyone's eye drawn toward the sink, but I have a feeling there will be MANY other wonderful features in your bathroom!

  2. I love both sinks but I'd go with your choice, Shea, if this is going to be your daughter's primary bathroom. The inch or two height of the raised sink can be a big difference to a toddler trying to learn to wash their hands & brush their teeth by themselves.