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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter 'One'derland First Birthday Party

This past weekend, I was so excited to get a chance to help some friends celebrate their little ones first birthday.  She went with a Winter 'One'derland theme which was just darling. 

The party was hosted in a beautiful local guest house that included some really awesome antique pieces, (the décor-geek in me was freaking out a little) as you can see here with the large dining table and the buffet with the drink station in back.  She used snowflake Christmas wrapping paper to line the top of the buffet for a festive table covering. 

The party decorations featured lots and lots of snow!  Glitter snowflakes were draped from the doorways, icicles hung around the room and blue, purple and silver were incorporated into the food and drink menu.

We had taken some simple glitter snowflake and icicle Christmas ornaments and strung them up with a piece of jute to create the snowflake/icicle garland that we draped along the drink station and the gift table (not pictured.)

Miss. J had a throne built for a Princess with snowflakes encircling her high chair.  The draped fabric was a beautiful touch to help keep the mess contained from her smash-cupcake.

My absolute favorite part was this beautiful strand of lights with clear globes and fabric ties.  A very simple DIY project that actually hung in her nursery.

We had to be a bit creative with our decorating.  Since we were in a rented space, we were limited on hanging options.  We used simple safety pins to pin the tie light garland to the drapes and created a swopping backdrop behind the birthday girl.

She went with a simple menu plan that catered to all the babies in attendance as well as yummy treats their parents could enjoy.  The menu included:
  • Cupcakes
  • Chex-Mix (including Gluten Free)
  • Fruit with "Snow" Dip
  • Snow-White Trash (including Gluten Free)
  • Apple Sauce pouches
  • Hot Chocolate Station
  • Icicle Blue Punch
It was a spectacular first birthday party and I was so happy to be able to celebrate it with the beautiful birthday girl and her parents. 

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