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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DIY Corbel Shelf

We have this blank void behind our kitchen table.  I've debated for years what to do here.  Last year I added our Silhouette's on Plates.  I've added and taken away art, but nothings felt homey and rustic. 

Then, my Dad was telling me about tearing down and rebuilding their wooden fence.  An idea struck me, wouldn't it be cute to hang that naturally weathered wood behind the table as a shelf?  The idea hung with me until I was watching some show on HGTV where they were hanging corbels.  I decided I needed to make a corbel shelf.

When we were at Lowe's getting our Bathroom Supplies, I snuck down the bracket isle and found these shelf brackets for $6 each, I actually liked these better then the traditional corbels. 

A few messy coats of white chalk paint later and they were ready to hang.  I purposely painted them messy and left them in the chalk paint phase without waxing them.  I wanted the rustic messy look that matches our shelf board.  And then, I forgot to take pictures of it. 

Our piece of wood measured 36" long.  Our studs measured about 32" apart, this was perfect size to drill our faux corbels into studs for a more sturdy shelf.

I marked the studs and made sure to place the screw in the center for durability. 

Once I measured out both ends, it was just a matter of placing the screws, hanging the corbels and placing the shelf on top.  

And now we have a cute little shelf to fill that blank wall.

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