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Monday, February 1, 2016

DIY Love Banner

Well, hello there February.  So nice to see you again!  Looks like we have a busy month ahead of bathroom projects.  But before we dive into that tub, I mean room, let's get some Valentine decorations up!

I thought to kick this month off with a bang, I'd give you a really easy and really cute DIY Love banner to hang up around the house, the office, the gym, just wherever you feel like spreading the love for Valentine's Day!  This was a very simple project just using supplies I had around the house.  It took about 30 minutes total and that was with a 15 minute smoothie break.   

What Will You Need:  Flag Pendant Banner (you can search Pinterest for free printable or create this yourself in something like Word,) Pink Construction Paper, Jute rope, Mod Podge, Paint Brush or Sponge, Scissors

  • Find (or create) a pendant banner spelling out LOVE.  I actually found a free printable at Shanty-2-Chic.  Who doesn't love a FREEBIE! 

  • Mod-Podge (because I always have this on hand) or glue your pendant prints to your construction paper.  Make sure to leave room to cut out a border, otherwise, it doesn't have to be on there straight. 

  • Then, I grabbed an old book off the book shelf, dusted it off to take a nice picture of it, and used it to press down the pendants as the glue dried.

  • Yay!  Love spelled backwards.  So, I just used a pair of scissors and cut about a 1/2" border around the pendants.  Honestly, I just eye-balled this, because what OCD mom doesn't love an imperfect cut job.

  • And, I used some small clothes pins to pin them to the jute.
Told you, simple fun Valentine's Day project to decorate your mantle with.  I'm a stickler for repurposing things, so I used the heart bunting from A's birthday party to hang with it.

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