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Monday, February 15, 2016

Girlfriends Guide to Culinary Herbs

Before we dive into the quick little project I did this weekend, I have to share how my morning has gone.  I actually got up early this morning in hopes of getting all my stuff done and out the door on time.  It's quite rainy and dreary outside (which I secretly love!)  So, just as usual, I am running a tad bit late.  But oh wait, I forgot to have the Mr. take the water bill which is due today.  So now, I have to go out of my way to take that by the water department. 

I get us loaded in the car which is a feet in and of itself.  I feel like a pack-mule getting all the bags, and the kid, and out to the car, and in the car.  (Pretty sure that sentence is terribly punctuated, but it explains my sentiments.)  We get on the road and one of my favorite songs is on, Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin.  So I'm driving down the road getting my worship on, and I completely pass the water place.  So I have to turn around and drive back.  When I pull up to use the drop off box, I see a big sign "This office is closed today to observe President's Day." Duh!  So happy President's Day everyone, hope you have a good laugh on my behalf this morning.

Now, to this weekends little project.  Saturday, my parents were in town and my mom and I participated in our favorite adventure, Flea Market Shopping!  We found several really cute items.  But, I did come away with this really cool hand drawn Culinary Herbs sign that I thought would be very cool in a kitchen.  I loved the detail in each drawing and the helpful explanations on how to use each herb.  It will come in handy for a seasoning-armature such as myself.

The frame was in excellent condition.  It still had the original framing and I had to do a bit of work to get the frame apart.  I gave it a good scrub to clean it up and remove all the dust and junk.  Then I had to take a first aide break to clean a cut from the glass.  Silly me! 

After that brief detour, I began painting the frame with my handy-dandy chalk paint.  It took 3 coats to get it good and covered.

Then I sanded a couple of corners to give it a worn look and used some spray lacquer to seal it.  Normally, you would use a wax on the chalk paint, but I couldn't find a single jar of it in town.  I had to substitute for the lacquer which did the job on the little bit I had to paint. 

I let it completely dry and reframed the poster and hung it in the kitchen by the pantry.  I'm loving this little $4 addition to the kitchen. 

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