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Thursday, February 4, 2016

If You Build It, They Will Come!

"Hi-dey Ho there Neighbor!"  If you recognized that quote, then you had an awesome childhood like me!  I can say I was raised on home improvement shows, just maybe not the most educations ones.

We built a wall!  Yep, these two DIYers framed it, hung sheet rock, taped and mudded it, sanded it, textured it, and primed it.  You can just call us Mr. and Mrs. Bob Villa! Step 1 in #ProjectBathroomReno, check!

But you didn't come here to read that quick recap.  You came here to see how we accomplished such feet; or rather yet, how we mucked it up.

The bathroom had an awkward space between the end of the cabinet and the toilet.  It was a blank void that needed something awesome.  We thought about extending the cabinet and making it two sinks, but that really just wasn't in the budget.  And, the Mr. was a bit nervous about building a cabinet. 

We decided to add a half wall on the far side of the cabinet.  This would accomplish several things, it would fill some of that space, it would give a bit more privacy to the toilet area, and it would encase the cabinet giving it more of a symmetrical look since the linen cabinet is on the right.

We started off using four 2x4's to frame the wall against the cabinet.

Next, we added a couple more 2x4's to give the wall some support and depth.


Then, we attached the sheet rock; and, taped and mudded the joints.  This included where it would attach to the existing wall.  The mudding part required several layers to smooth down the tape.  Don't worry about getting it too thick or not smooth.  Sanding it down will help that out.

We let this dry for 5 days.  It probably could have just used a 24 hour dry, but that was the next opportunity I had to work on it.  I sanded down all of the mudding to get it as smooth as possible without removing all of the mud.  Make sure you wear your safety goggles and mask during this step.  It left a lot of sandy grit on the floors and in the air.

Since the rest of the walls in the bathroom were textured, I needed to texture this one too.  Plus it helped hide our amateur dry walling job.  I grabbed this can of wall texture at Wal-Mart.  You can adjust the spray to get several different types of texture.  If you are patching or doing an add on, you really need to figure out what texture your current walls are. Ours were called orange peel, and, well, it looks like an orange. I used a piece of cardboard to test it out and compare to the other walls.  Then it was just spraying in a circular pattern.  Oh, and make sure there is plenty ventilation!  We did not and had to keep the windows open the next couple of days to air out the whole house.  

Since our other walls have a flatter texture, I let this dry the recommended 5-20 minutes and then lightly sanded the wall once more.  Before I got to the priming step, I wiped down the whole wall with a damp towel to get any loose bits from sanding off.

Finally, I got to prime the wall.  Now, it really looks like a wall!!! (multiple explanation points are used to exclaim my excitement)  

All that's left to finish is to paint it, but that will come towards the end of the bathroom project, and add the top, crown and floor molding.  This will be done once we get the bathtub moved in this week.  

Oh and speaking of paint, I got my paint chips up this week.  I'm waiting for the lighting to be installed before making that decision. 

So, what's with the post title, "If You Build It, They Will Come!"  With the shower being removed and the hole around plumbing now exposed to the room, I found a little visitor inspecting my wall job yesterday.  We found the cutest little mouse.  But even if it is cute, its icky in my house.  Next up on the ol' to-do list is to get that hole plugged with some steel wool and to get the tub in place and sealed so we won't have any more visitors.       


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