The Fogue Abode: Lights, Cameras...And All That Jazz #ProjectBathroomReno

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lights, Cameras...And All That Jazz #ProjectBathroomReno

As promised from Friday's post, I am back today with an update on #projectbathroomreno.  It's been a little bit since our last update back when we discussed building the half wall.  We took a little break to let it all absorb in.  But, this past weekend was a busy one.  I mean I even broke a sweat, not really.  Thanks to my step-dad coming down and helping get the foundation laid out, so to speak.  That foundation being installing the new lighting and getting the bathtub in.

So, now that I spilled all the beans about what we did, here's a little peak. 

We removed that old, yucky yellow fan and bought a new one to replace it.  This one makes hardly any noise, extra points!  And, it is so much brighter.  It looks much better up against our freshly painted ceiling

But, I wanted to really brighten up the room.  Especially the shower area which becomes very dim if someone is in the shower.  We added a LED light fixture above the shower.  I feel like a bug drawn to the light now, It's So Pretty!

And then, we got the bathtub installed and plumed.  The walls are covered in the plastic sheet to help protect it from water damage.  Now we are ready to add the backerboard and start tiling.

If you're thinking this bathtub is sort of shallow, it really is.  And it was selected that way for a reason.  This is the hall bath which will primarily be our kids bathroom that guests will also use.  Guests will most likely take a shower so the depth of the tub isn't an issue.  But for kids, its a perfect size for mom and dad to get down and bath those little ones.  A even had to try it out when we got it installed.  She gave it a thumbs up. 

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