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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Shabby to Chic: Outdoor Pillows

There are certain things, I just don't understand.  Like the high price on art work.  I'm not talking nice pieces by famous artist, I'm talking frame prints that are several $100.  Or, the cost of throw pillows.  I had pillows made for A's nursery and they came in right around $10 each.  I just can't comprehend the need to charge $50 for a simple throw pillow.

Being the frugal pillow hoarder that I am, I decided to give some shabby looking pillows I had on my front porch a little make-over instead of going out and purchasing new pillows that will look the same way in a year.  The total cost for this project came in around $5, just for a can of spray paint.

With the beautiful weekend we had, I spent a little time outdoors, starting the clean up from winter.  One thing that really stood out were my really sad looking pillows.  

I grabbed a can of Outdoor Valspar spray paint and gave the pillows two good coats of paint each.  I didn't worry about the back side, as these are simply decorative and we never go out to the front porch anyways.  If you were to paint both sides of each pillow, it probably would have needed 2 cans of paint. 

Also, if I were to do this over again, I probably would have used a spray primer on the pillows first.  They had some set in stains that took a little more paint to cover up. 

Once the yellow dried, I used a left over stencil from the nursery project and some white craft paint to give it a stenciled look. 

On the second pillow I used some painters tape and taped off some lines and used the same white craft paint to fill in the lines and add polka-dots.

Now, they look good as new and my bank account is happy.  At least until next year, when I'll probably have to give in and buy new ones.


These pillows have already sat through 2 days of rain and look perfectly fine.  I was a bit apprehensive about the paint running, but so far so good. 


And, while I was waiting for paint to dry.  I gave this old table a good sanding to get it smoother (aka, all the paint chips removed) and then I gave it a white wash.  I love the imperfection the white wash gave it, but also really brightened it up.


  1. Very, very creative. I love DIY projects from home, to makeup, to cooking. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful ideas! I need to paint my chairs, too, and now you've got me started! :-D