The Fogue Abode: A Camp Inspired First Birthday Bash

Monday, March 21, 2016

A Camp Inspired First Birthday Bash

I recently got to help plan my nephew's first birthday party.  I love the Camping theme that we went with.  It was very outdoorsy and practical and was a total blast to decorate.  The original plan was to have the party outside, but the weather wasn't very cooperative, so we moved it into their garage. 

We got to get creative when it came to the decorations.  We used many items that they already had on hand from their collection of camping supplies. 

 Camp JT was a huge hit!   The birthday boy had a blast with all the yummy food selections and the camp fire we had set up.  He even tried to share some cake with me. 

Check back on Friday as I go into all the fun details of this adorable first birthday party.

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