The Fogue Abode: A Camp Inspired First Birthday Bash {Part 2}

Friday, March 25, 2016

A Camp Inspired First Birthday Bash {Part 2}

As promised on Monday, I'm back today with all the dets on the Camping Birthday Bash. 

Like I said, this party was such a blast to plan.  It's a great theme to get the creative juices flowing.  In fact, this party would be great for any guy or gal who enjoys a good bon-fire and s'mores! 

The idea around the Camping Birthday Bash was simplicity.  We kept everything simple from the decorations to the food menu.  These fun invitations were created by my friend over at AM Designs.   

To start the party out, we wanted a teepee (I mean I wanted to be a kid again myself) and a camp fire.  Since it was a rainy weekend, we had to take a creative approach to the camp fire.  We used some red and yellow tissue paper and a strand of lights to make this pile of sticks look like a real life camp fire.

When you're out camping, everyone sits around in lawn chairs or whatever else they can find for a seat, so I wanted a minimalist approach to the table settings and just have everyone sitting around laughing and telling stories.

We used rustic craft paper for the table coverings and let the kiddos have a grand time coloring.

For the table-scape, we used on hand camping gear like tackle boxes, cast iron pans, and wooden pallets from the local grocery store.  To fill it in, we went with a couple of pinecones and pine straw gathered locally.

The food is what really set the camping theme.  There are so many fun possibilities, here is what this 1st birthday menu looked like:

Hot Dogs
Trail Mix
Fishing Bait


And before our little campers hit the trail, they were treated to these simple little paper bags filled with the birthday boys favorite treats.

This birthday was not only a blast for the birthday boy, but for all of his guests.  It transformed us all into kids again, enjoying the great outdoors. 

To see more party ideas, check out the #party-life tab.  And if you are in need of a party-planner, please contact me today.

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