The Fogue Abode: bluum Box Review - February 2016

Friday, March 4, 2016

bluum Box Review - February 2016

*This review is based off the opinion of this blog and was provided with a paid subscription.

Guess what arrived Monday.  Just in time for Leap Day!  Yep, our 2nd bluum box.  was totally excited to get her new gifts.  I think she's figuring out what the bright pink box is.  If you want to see what A received last month, check out February's review here.

What is bluum you ask?  It's only the most fun gift your child will receive.  bluum is a month subscription box filled with goodies for your child.  Each box is geared towards their specific age and gender.  If you would like to check out how you can get your own bluum subscription, make sure to use our reference code rel="nofollow" and you get a discount too.

Now to the goodies we received this month:

This months bluum box is for a 14 month old.

This months box was the basic bluum box without any bluum ups.  This box would give you a better idea of what's in the basic $34 subscription box.

Piyo Piyo Stacking Cups

These colorful stacking cups are great for our little explorer.  She loves putting things together and these cups are also great for bath time. 

Murchison-Hume Counter Safe All-Purpose Cleaner - Fig 

Mommy got some goodies this month in our bluum box.  I think this Safe All-Purpose cleaner is my new fave.  It smells awesome and so clean and leaves my granite countertops looking sparkly.  We also received a special 20% off coupon for our next Murchison-Hume products. 

Rockin Green Auto Dishwasher Soap

Keeping with the green all-natural theme, we also got a 1lb bag of dishwasher soap.  Score 2 for mom in the cleaning department.

Mum-Mum Rice Rusk Organic Carrot

These rice teething biscuits are one of my favorite food items we have received.  Now that A is finally a teething baby, these seemed to be soothing to her gums and I give them a A+ in the yummy gluten free category.  I love that they are in individual packages for a quick snack to grab on the go.  Plus, the number one benefit, they don't leave a huge gooey mess like so many of the other teething biscuits.

Box Value $39.93

I feel like we certainly got our money's worth out of this months box.  I loved all the green cleaning products that I received, but felt it was lacking in the baby products which is what this subscription is supposed to be about.  I hope next month is filled with more baby goodies.

But who needs goodies?  A had a blast with the box.  I did a little photo sesh, just to work some more on my photography/photoshopping skills.  So you get to enjoy her goofy little self while I work and learn away.

Check back next month to see what bluum goodies we get then. 

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