The Fogue Abode: bluum Box Review - March 2015

Monday, March 28, 2016

bluum Box Review - March 2015

*I am currently not affiliated with bluum or any of the brands listed.  This review is based off the opinion of this blog and was provided with a paid subscription.

Our March box arrived right on time this month.  A was so excited to receive her 3rd bluum box.  If you want to see what goodies she has received in the past, you can check out the reviews for February  and January.

What is bluum you ask?  It's only the most fun gift your child will receive.  a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank">bluum is a month subscription box filled with goodies for your child.  Each box is geared towards their specific age and gender.  A month subscription starts at $25/month.   If you would like to check out how you can get your own bluum subscription, make sure to use our reference code and you get a discount too.

Let's see what our March bluum box had in store!

Melissa & Doug Grasping Toy - First Play Friendly Fish

M&D is one of my favorite brands for educational and sensory toys for littles.  I'm always excited to see their products in our box.  This month we received this bungied group of wooden fish.  The colorful fish are great as A learns to twist and shape them. 

bluum Up - Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Sunglasses

I love that bluum gives you a chance to bluum up, meaning you can add items to your box for an additional fee.  They give a suggestion of products and you can choose to add them or not to, the advantage is that these items are added to your monthly bluum box which has free shipping.  This month, we couldn't resist these adorable sunglasses.  A loves wearing them.  She gives the biggest cheese grin and loves to take them off and put them back on.  So far, most favorite bluum product yet.

Gardner Publishing - Fish Bath Book

This bath book was an instant hit this month.  A is obsessed with books and with bath time, so adding these 2 together, success!  Bathtime is all about the book now.  And I love that the little fishy detaches from the book and becomes a squirt toy. 

Kid-O - Red Mini Airplane

We received this cute little airplane in this months box, that's about all I have to say about it.  It's just a plain little airplane and in my opinion, a boy would have loved it more than A. 

Veraclean - Natural Anitbacterial Cleaner

I'm loving all these cleaning products I am getting as a little goodie.  For a mom, it's always in my mind to find safe natural alternatives towards our cleaning supplies.  But sometimes, I just don't have the time to do the research.  bluum has provided me with some great choices.  This cleaner has a fresh sent and is great on our cabinets and highchairs.

bluum Up - Parragon Inc - Hickery Dickery Duck

My A just loves books.  So, a book is always a great add to our bluum box.  I loved the different page cut outs in this one and how it took an old nursery rhyme and mixed it up for a fresh take.  It is certainly a story we don't currently have.

That wraps up the March bluum box review. 

Verdict : Best bluum box yet!  A certainly loved all of her goodies as did mommy.

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