The Fogue Abode: Our Easter Egg-travaganza

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our Easter Egg-travaganza

I know, it's a few days late.  Blame it on my terrible photography skills and my limited knowledge on photoshop.  Blame it on the sugar overload from all the candy.  Blame it on me passing out after a long and busy weekend.  But I finally got pictures uploaded from our Easter Egg-travaganza weekend.

Saturday was filled with egg-tra fun (lets see how many times I can incorporate egg into a word) as we attended our church's annual Easter egg hunt.  I love that we have an awesome church family that can gather together for fun and fellowship on a beautiful spring afternoon.  There were thousands of eggs to hunt, and my little tot came away with just one.  She was just too egg-cited about the egg filled with cheerios to hunt for any more.  Before we knew it, they were all gone.

We had a little fish cook out that evening with my dad.  A sure loves to swing.  I got in a little outdoor photography during the beautiful afternoon, because I love you (and your my guinea pigs!) I'll share those. 

Then, we hosted both of our families at our home Sunday for Easter Dinner and Egg Hunt.  I think we counted a total of 16 adults and 6 kids with almost 200 eggs to find.  They were egg-asperated after all of that hunting.

Lucky for us the 80% chance of thunderstorms vanished and we were left with a gorgeous Sunday afternoon out on the deck. 

As for the decorations, most of the items came from thrift stores and the dollar tree, 'cuz that's how we roll.  I used a little craft paint to spiffy them up and a cake tent as a cloak for our glittery egg center piece.  Proof that you can totally be fancy on a dime budget. 

And to round out this Easter Egg-travaganza, here is our Easter Sunday picture of the Mr, myself and A.

Hope you enjoyed our look into The Fogue Abode's Easter festivities. 

P.S. That was 6 Egg-traordinary Egg Words!!!

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  1. Love all of your Easter decorations! And so many eggs, wow!! I was so happy it didn't end up raining; it was beautiful out!