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Friday, March 11, 2016

Stitch Fix March 2016 Review

It's time again for another review.  If you are following me on Instagram, you saw a little sneak peak of this months fix.  (And if you aren't, then why not?  Get your booty over to Instagram and like me!)  I have one word to describe this fix...COLOR!

In my note to my stylist, I had one simple request, I was ready for some spring style.  And boy, did Meredith deliver!  I think I can chalk this fix up to being my favorite so far.  She had some wonderful, fun, and springy choices for me this month.

If your new to this blog and wondering what the heck Stitch Fix is, then let me take a brief moment to explain.  (If you already know, then feel free to skip down to the goodies.) Stitch Fix is a subscription based service that pairs you with a personal stylist who picks 5 items and ships them to you however often you want.  You pay a $20 stylist fee, but that amount is credited back to you if you keep an item.  You have 3 days to try everything on then you keep what you want and ship back what you don't.  It's the easiest and most fun way to shop.  If you want to try this out yourself, please use my referral code 6539847 so I can continue doing these awesome reviews. 

So, lets get down to business shall we?

Like I said, my stylist Meredith hit this one out of the ball park.  I truly loved each piece I received this month.

Reyna Maxi Dress

First out of the box was this stunningly beautiful maxi dress.  The color and print were my favorite and I loved the way it fit to give it a nice fitted feel around the waist but still kept it loose. 


Verdict: Keeper Big Time!

Ulloa Henley Blouse

I love every thing about this top.  It reminds me a lot of the maxi, but in a tank top form.  It's very free flowing and looks super cute with a cardigan over it.  Very springy.

Verdict:  Kept

Scalloped Pencil Skirt

This skirt was super cute and very patriotic.  I loved the scalloped detail and the red waste line.  I had a real toss up with this skirt.  I loved it but just didn't really see myself wearing it much.  It was difficult to move around in and chasing after a toddler, didn't make it real practical. 
Verdict : Returned, sadly

Jenson Embroidery Detail Top

I thought this top was pretty average, until I put it on.  And looking back at the pictures, I loved it even more.  It has a great color and the embroidery really stands out.  The fit of the top was perfect.  It was longer, which is how I love most tops.


Verdict: Keeper

Stripped Dress

This dress was very cute and very fun.  It made me feel young again.  I loved the low neck line and the fabric of the stripped skirt.  But then again, it wasn't very practical for this mom. 



Verdict: Returned
This fix was so far, my most favorite fix of all.  I had a difficult deciding whether to keep all the items or not.  The fits were all very comfortable.  Hope you enjoyed this months fix review.
Remember, if you want to try your own fix, please use my referral code 6539847 so that I can continue doing these fun reviews.

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