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Friday, April 22, 2016

Chelsea's "Fixer Upper" Family Room Mood Board

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Happy Friday, whew, we finally made it through the week.  Today I am back with some design ideas for a dear mommy friend. Chelsea writes:

"I should ask you your opinion on my living room.  It's the largest room in my house and needing to be updated.  It's a horrible shaped room, 13' 9" wide - 29' 9" long.  I'm unable to do flooring or furniture.  Paint (it's eggshellish now.)  The wall has 2 doors, a French double and a pocket.  Behind the couch is the kids toys.  Color wise, I'm pretty open.  I have a teal room."
Since Chelsea is the mom to 6 kids, I thought we could really utilize the length of this room and separate it into two distinct areas, a living area for the adults and a kids zone complete with cubbies and a work station (much like what Haeley over at Design Improvised has done to her family room. )

Here is what the room looks like now:

Here is how I suggest she fix it up:

And the layout plan (kept relatively the same with some tweaks):

So how are we gonna Fix Chelsea Up?

  1. With such a large room, we can really have fun with a color pallet.  I'm thinking a dark elephant skin grey for the walls.  Trim and doors in a Simply White by Benjamin Moore (my go to white,) and accent with her favorite teal.  With this scheme, she can add hints of red, yellow or even green.
  2. I think the one aspect, besides a fresh paint color, that will really make this room "wow" is painting the entire brick fireplace white and adding a barnwood beam mantle.  This would create a fun place to change out decorations and really draw your eye and give the living area a focal point.  Flanking the fireplace, I suggest Chelsea add some built in shelves.  She could still house her tv and equipment to the left but it would provide symmetry to the area.  If she's feeling wild and adventurous, she could even paint the wall of the shelves a beautify teal blue. 
  3. I had to throw in a good magnolia wreath to the collection from Antique Farm House.  Not only would it be perfect above that mantle, but it's a great way to add a little secondary color to the room.
  4. If budget is willing, I would change out the lights/fans in the room.  I was surprised to see the trend in ceiling fans are turning stylish and funky.  I love how charming these rustic wine barrel ceiling fans are from Shades of Light. She could use one over each section of the room to really help define the individual spaces.
  5. I would suggest a fun teal rug to go in the main living section.  Since Chelsea can't change out the flooring at the moment, rugs are always a thrifty way to change up the bottom side of a room without committing to something more permanent.  The teal rug would also add her splash of color.
  6. No farmhouse is complete without a Fresh Baked Pies sign. Antique Farm House is a great source for some fun and vintage signage.  If you watch their daily deals, you can find some killer pricing.  Also, any local flea market or thrift store may have some fun goodies.
  7. For the Kids Zone, I would add a farm table and create a fun little workstation for all the kids to gather around and do homework, color, or craft.  This is a cute wooden desk like table, but really any thrifty find could be painted and turned into a cute workstation.
  8. To keep her pops of teal going throughout the whole room, these fun teal industrial chairs would be great for the workstation.  Or, to be more thrifty while sticking with a vintage theme, she could find mix-matched chairs all around and paint them in different shades of teal.
  9. Along the fireplace wall, since it is so long and empty, these cubbies, also found through Antique Farm House, would be perfect to help organize all the kids toys and books.  Using industrial labels could also be a fun way to individualize them and influence the kids to keep their belongings picked up.
  10. Above the cubbies, I think a large vintage chalk board would be fun and rustic.  This piece could serve multiple uses: it can help create a mobile command center to keep up with activities and events or it could serve as a fun spot for drawings. 

Well, that rounds out another fun Farmhouse Mood Board.  Can't wait to see what you guys think?  As always, comments are welcome!

Update: To see Chelsea's farmhouse living room reveal, head over to here.  You are going to love the pop of color she chose!

Post contains affiliated links; meaning, if you choose to purchase from these links, I could make a small commission.

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