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Monday, April 25, 2016

Design On A Dime: Pillow Talk

Welcome back for yet another round of Design on a Dime!  I just love thrifty ways to update a room, don't you?  Today's topic is certainly one of those that I cringe at the sticker price when I need to buy new pillows.  So, let me share with you my little secret for updating those generic decorative pillows.

When we purchased our family room couch set, many moons ago, I wanted to update the pillows that come with the couch.  They didn't really fit with the style of our family room, but we loved the couch and love seat so much that that didn't deter us from our purchase.  Two years later, and I still haven't updated those darn pillows.  The couch has held up nicely, those pillows - ehhh - not so much.

What had been stopping me from purchasing all new pretty pillows, have you seen the price of pillows recently (here I step up on my pillow soap box yet again.)  I just don't understand the rip off of a simple decorative pillow.  In enters my brainstorming session on how to update them on a budget.

The simple solution, pillow covers.  My Amazon search lead me to these adorable pillow slip covers for just $7.99. (Unfortunately, we  got the last of the covers with this design, but there were several others from the same seller here.)

Two days later, thanks to Amazon Prime, I was able to give our couch a major facelift with the simplicity of a few pillow upgrades.  This look is much better than those shabby pillows the couch came with. 

Have you used pillow covers to give a generic set of pillows a personal upgrade?  I would love to see your thrifty makeovers.

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