The Fogue Abode: Sister, Sister: Home Tour #1

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sister, Sister: Home Tour #1

Boy am I excited to bring you today's first guest home tour.  This first house is an adorable little ranch house that my step-sister Danielle just purchased and remodeled with her husband Jason.  It is the definition of farmhouse charm.  I love how small and cozy it is, yet there is a ton of room, you know for activites and all...(cheers to you who got the step-brother's reference!) 

Before we get to the gorgeous renovations, let me show you how the house looked when they purchased it.  The main living area was broken down into 4 separate rooms and it was very dark.

Here is the dining area which is now converted into the living area.
This shows the hall bath and the master bedroom.
And here is the kitchen and living area.

Now to the goodies!!! 

As you walk into the front door, you enter a great room. They went all Chip Gaines and knocked a few walls out which really opened up this space up and gave it a ton of light. It's a great concept for their family.


This little entry way that she created really sets the tone for their whole house.  It's open, minimal and charming.

I love the little details in this whole room like the updated white fire place and new mantle and this cute little rocking horse.

From their kitchen, they are able to see practically the whole house.  It's perfect for keeping up with 2 boys.

The kitchen is my favorite part.  I love the white on white with the cabinets and the subway tile backsplash.  The butcher block counter tops really stand out.  The little details she put into the kitchen are absolutely charming, from the farmhouse sink, the industrial pendants down to the antique-ish drawer knobs (hobby lobby score!) 


One other aspect I love about older homes as opposed to new builds, the bedrooms are all together down one hall.  With growing babies, this is one of my must haves.  It's becoming harder to find these days, but these homes do still exist.

So, down the hall you have the first hall bath.  It's a light and airy room which matches the whole scheme of the house.  The same white cabinets and antique drawer pulls from the kitchen are incorporated here, giving the whole house a nice flow.

Next are 2 basic bedrooms for the boys and then the master.  The master is a small and cozy room which is much to my liking. 


They gave up closet space in order to widen the on-suite bath.  I think this was a wise move as the bathroom is now drool worthy.


Not gonna lie, I really wanted to hop in that shower! 

The exterier of the home even had a make-over with a fresh coat of paint and a bright red metal roof.  It really gives the white shutters and columns some pow.  There's nothing I love more then a white crisp look! 


Well, thanks for stopping by our first house tour.  Hope you had a grand time!

What did you think?  Are you totally drooling over your computer now like I am?  Which room was your fave? 

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  1. I'm really liking how they were able to open up all the separate spaces to let all the light shine through!

    1. Me too...It is such a light and airy house. Photo's don't even do it justice.

  2. Love it! I'd kill for light like they have. I love open floor plans, too. Fun post.

    1. Girl me too...makes me think about adding some windows just for light. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. It truly is Home & Garden Channel worthy. Tell them congratulations for me. Great job. I love the exterior update.

    1. Thanks you! I will certainly tell them.

  4. That is one heck of a transformation! Love the style.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, they did a great job.