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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#projectbathroomreno - Paint Selection

When in doubt, create your own!

I'm about mid-way through painting the cabinet.  I am painting in multiple steps which I will detail next week.  While I'm in the painting mood, I decided to try and narrow down our paint selection.

I guess the last time we discussed paint colors, it was here.  I had taped up a hand full of paint swatches in the blue/green/grey pallet.  Good granny was that bathroom dark back then.

Once we got the lighting updated, I finally had it narrowed down to 2 colors and stopped by Sherwin Williams for a couple of samples.

I slathered them up on the wall and lived with them for a couple of days.  By the end of the week, I still wasn't loving either choice.  Balmy (on the left) was too blue and Tidewater (on the right) was just to dark.

So I took matters into my own hand and did a little paint mixology.

I took Balmy(1)  and added a little white to make (3) and took Tidewater (2) and added a little white to make (5), which toned them both down.  On a whim, I mixed Tidewater and Balmy together to create (4).  Are you confused yet on the numbers?  Thankful I didn't become a math teacher, mind-blown.

Call me crazy, but I think I like the 4th color the best of all.  It's more of the color I was leaning towards.  A spa-like blue/green to give this bathroom retreat a relaxed feel. 

I made sure to paint the back of my old paint chips so that we can get it color matched.  Now, for a name for our new paint color...what are your thoughts?

Which color is your favorite?

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  1. Love those mixed colors of yours! Four would be my choice as well!