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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Vintage Baby - Baby Shower

Happy Wednesday!  Looks like we finally made it half way through the week.  For me it is dragging, because we have a pretty fun packed weekend ahead, including taking A on her first camping trip. 

But before we get to those shenanigans, I had to share with you the absolutely charming Vintage Baby Shower that I helped host this weekend at Church.  I'm still giddy over how adorable this shower turned out to be. 
We prepared for baby Judah with a classic vintage baby theme.  We used simple items from around the home to decorate with and it was so charming.

Pallets were used as the backdrop and to help give the table setting dimension.  I just used vintage pieces I found around to fill in the space.


How cute is this vignette?  I used a pair of baby shoes, my old alarm clock, and an "I love you to the moon and back" sign that I borrowed  from A's room.


Remember the DIY pendant banner I designed Monday? Well, I loved using these banners so much, I had to make some for my home.  I also included the clothes pinned stars from the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star shower.


The cupcakes were topped with J's for Judah and we used an old suitcase to help layer them onto the table.  I don't know which was more scrumptious, the cup cakes or the old suitcase?


We used a strand of bulb lights tied up with blue and white ribbon to encircle the gift table.  I was really at odds with how to use these, but winding them around the table and around the card birdcage was a simple solution.


Baby Judah received a wonderful shower of blessings and joy and plenty of gifts and gadgets to start out his precious life. 

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