The Fogue Abode: bluum Box Review - April 2016 (15 mo)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

bluum Box Review - April 2016 (15 mo)

*This review is based off the opinion of this blog and was provided with a paid subscription.

Ok, ok.  I'm a tad bit behind for the April bluum box review.  We actually received our box the day before we headed out for our big camping weekend, so it just got pushed to the corner until we returned.  None the less, A loved it just as much.

What is bluum you ask?  It's only the most fun gift your child will receive. bluum is a month subscription box filled with goodies for your child.  Each box is geared towards their specific age and gender.  A month subscription starts at $25/month.   If you would like to check out how you can get your own bluum subscription, make sure to use our reference code and you receive a discount too.

Let's dive into our April box shall we?

Heirloom 12-24m Sunhat

This mom was sure excited to see this sunhat.  I had just realized that A had outgrown her sunhats from last year with our 90th percentile noggin.  This will be totally cute out on the beach this summer. 

Babyganics Face, Hand & Baby Wipes

As far as the wipes, they were good.  I slipped them into our camping bag so I didn't have to carry the big box with me.  As for them being in our 15 month box, I was bored.  Having done the wipes thing for 15 months now, we have our tried and true wipes.  I don't think this will have me switching any time soon. 

Jeep Stroller Mesh Bag

Mom was happy to see this in our box.  This will come in handy for any day trips we take this summer, like to the zoo or if we spend a day downtown.  I like that the mesh makes it easy to see what's in the bag.

Dapple Natural Toy & Highchair Spray

I do love how bluum always tries to add something for moms to enjoy in their box.  I loved getting this natural toy and highchair cleaner.  It's much easier to clean off the highchair with this than having to wash it after each use.  Happy Mom!

And that wraps up our April bluum box.

Verdict: While mom loved getting all these cleaning goodies and stuff to keep A healthy and protected, it wasn't a very toddler friendly box.  There wasn't anything really for her to enjoy.  They could certainly do better next time in mixing up the items.

If you want to try out bluum box for your own littles, please use our reference code

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