The Fogue Abode: Crash Course on Flooring

Monday, May 23, 2016

Crash Course on Flooring

I was not prepared to discuss flooring with you guys today.  But, since that has jumped to the top of my to-do list, you guys can help me sort through some options. 

Remember last week, I told you about our little water leak?  Ok, it was a big water leak.  Big enough that we have stripped bedrooms and the main living area of it's previous flooring.

Now we are challenged with determining what our new flooring will be.  As someone who likes to put a lot of thought and research into such a big decision, we are entering crash course - floors. 

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Carpet - Warm, Cozy, Fluffy.  Just a few words to describe carpet.  We had carpet in our bedrooms, and while its an ideal choice for many, I just don't think we want to go back down this route.  To me carpet says Stains, Dirt, Yuck.  I hate how hard it is to clean up carpet and with 2 pups and a kid, it's not our ideal choice.  So carpet is a big fat no. 

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Ceramic Tile - Ceramic Tile is another really popular choice in homes.  Its one of the least stain resistant options and water leaks aren't very damaging to it.  While we did just install ceramic tile in our bathroom (which did withstand the great flood), I'm not fond of this look throughout a home.  It's cold and can break pretty easily when a toddler decides to drop something on it.  So we nix the tile idea.

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Laminate - While laminate is one of your cheapest options, this isn't your typical grandma's laminate flooring.  They have really come a long way in development of the laminate type flooring.  Many options have the look of real hardwood floors.  While it's a popular choice, we saw the effects a little water can have on it.  It makes us a bit leery of going that route again.

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Vinyl Tile - Just one step up from the new laminate flooring feature, are vinyl floor planks.  These too have a look of hard wood floor and install just like a wood floor plank.  The pro to the vinyl option are its moisture resistant quality.  With pets and toddlers, I'm thinking this is the route we should take.

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Hard Wood - Hard Wood floors are the most classic look in my opinion.  They can be easy to maintain and their life span can go virtually forever.  This beautiful look, while it is the most expensive, ranks high up there on my wish list.  If it were up to me, I'd install hard wood floor everywhere!!! 

So, what is your favorite type of flooring?  Have you had any negative experiences with your current flooring?  What's your wish list flooring type? 

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