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Friday, May 20, 2016

That's Not The Plan, Stan!

I will admit, most of the time, you see the sunny side of a bloggers projects.  The beautiful end result, the near perfect step-by-step guide.  But you rarely see the mess-ups.

Keeping with the honestly trend, here is how our #projectbathroomreno went wrong.

I had planned to share with you our beautiful bathroom cabinet updates after I dropped this teaser on Saturday.  I got the cabinets painted, the countertop installed and the plumbing hooked up.  (or so we thought)  And then, this happened.

Unfortunately, the line that hooks up the water wasn't on as well as we thought it was and the pressure from the water busted the hose.

So now, we are in insurance limbo and looking at replacing our flooring. The bathroom project is on hold while we figure out our next step here.  The good news is, it didn't do that much damage to our bathroom updates.

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