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Friday, May 27, 2016

The Ultimate Bundle - Flash Sale

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Ever once and a while, I stumble across something that is so totally awesome that it rocks your socks off.  I love sharing these cool finds with the people in my life.  So today, I'm here to share with you this cool bundle I purchased and tried out called the Ultimate Bundles - Homemaking Bundle.

So, what is this Homemaking Bundle, and what's so cool about it that it has me shouting from the roof tops that you need to purchase this?

Well, this is a collection of e-books/ worksheets/ printables/ e-courses plus more all gathered together and available to you for the cheap price of $29.97.  This bundle has more than $1,000 worth of products, and trust me, it's total worth the price!

If you follow this blog at all, I know you would love so many things about this bundle.  They've broke it down into categories for you so this is what you're gettings.

 I've had my bundle for about a month now and have gotten so much use out of it already.  I love the Recipe and In The Kitchen section.  I've learned a ton about Meal Planning and am on my second month of planning.  (The bundle comes with all these printables for you plus more.)

The You Retreat in Self Care is another great book I've gotten to flip through.  And, while we are in Self Care...did you see it comes with Adult Coloring Books!!  Fun!

I am so excited about this bundle that I could go on and on.  If you ever purchase anything that I suggest on this blog, this should be it.

But there is more!  Besides the books, it also comes with bonus material!

 I was more than excited to see Grove Collaborative on the list, I got all of this for just $20!

Let's review shall we, for just $29.97 you get over $1000 worth of books, discounts, and freebies to help make your homemaking journey easier!

 But, this is a Flash Sale, meaning the bundle is only available for purchase June 1st & June 2nd.

If you want a reminder/more information on The Ultimate Bundles, you can visit their page here.  And, make sure you have signed up for The Fogue Abode's newsletter on the side bar.  I will be sending out email reminders next week. 

One last thing, if you purchase from the affiliated links, I get a small commission from it.  That means more fun projects to share with you guys! 

Let's get out and get to Homemaking! 

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