The Fogue Abode: How We Meal Plan

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How We Meal Plan

While our house is a wreck and we are waiting for it to slowly be put back into a functioning space, I'm pretty much at a stand still for projects.  That means you are going to get to see a more homie side of me...and I'm not talking Fresh Prince type homie, but more of a what we do on a daily basis to get through life.

Today, after having had a chance to dive into the Plan It Don't Panic book that was included in the Ultimate Bundles packet (if you haven't already gotten your own bundle, STOP what your doing and head over to get your own bundle during the flash sale today.)

Ok, since that rabbit hole has been dived into, back to the topic at hand.  I spent time going over Stephanie Langfords e-book Plan It, Don't Panic, which covers the basis of Meal Planning. 

I have tried in the past to begin meal planning, but it never lasted, and I never seemed to be able to come up with a full list of meals.

The key to Stephanie's guide, is to start with a list of 21 meals your family loves.  That's almost a whole months worth of food in one list.  Once I had my list down, then adding in a couple of new recipes I had pinned here and there was a breeze. 

Now, I have my 2nd full month of meals planned and my first of 2 grocery trips in the books.  Oh, and these printables are all included in the e-book. They certainly made meal planning life a breeze.

How do you successfully meal plan?

Did you get the bundle for yourself?  What is your favorite part? 


  1. I meal plan, but only one week at a time. I also purchased the Ultimate bundle, but have yet to load any of the books onto my reader. I need to get with it.

    1. I would get inspired and do a week here and there, but I found that sitting down and coming up with a month long plan has made sticking to it much easier. The 21 day list really helps.