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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Meal Planning 101 {Printables}

I have had a few people interested in more details on how I am meal planning after last months post. I am getting my tricks and tips down and wanted to share the process that I go through.  I carry my plans with me and work on it over a span of several days.  I try to work on it the last week of the month with my first shopping trip on the 1st.

Step 1 

First thing I do is print off a month calendar.  Just for you guys, I have a July Calendar here.  I set a category for each day which really helps in getting items on the list.  At this point I am just worrying about the main dish.  As you can see in my meal plan below, I have set up Sundays Soup/Crockpot, Mondays Chicken, Tuesdays Mexican, Wednesdays Left Overs, Thursdays Beef or Pork, Fridays Splurge meals and Saturdays Southern Cuisine. 

I typically scan through my past few months meal plans and pick out items that we really enjoyed and write them in.  Then, I go through my Pinterest boards to find anything interesting.  If I don't already know the recipe, I print it off at this point.

Finally, I scan through a few of my favorite foodie blogs for ideas.  I have listed a few of my favs at the bottom.

Step 2

Once I have my month planned out and all my recipes printed, I move on to a weekly calendar.  This is pulled out and pinned on the fridge every week.  It is a more detailed list that includes the main course and sides and any prep notes I have (such as set out frozen food for the next nights meal.)

Step 3

From here, I write out my grocery list.  I split the list into 2 different trips.  One big trip at the first of the month where I get all non-perishable items, all my meats (I freeze it if it's more than a week and a half away) and I also add in my cleaning supplies that I need for the month.

The second trip I plan about half way through the month and it is a much smaller trip.  I plan for perishables and any other items added to the list from the month.

I keep everything in the order that I need them in in this clear page protector.  I don't know about you guys, but I can be a mess in the kitchen.  This keeps everything from getting sauce stains all over it and keeps it in one spot.

And that my friends is how I successfully meal plan for an entire month.  Not only has it made life a whole lot easier in the dinner department, but it has really helped us stick to our grocery budget having cut out so many Wal-Mart trips. Now, if only I can get the Mr. from making so many ice cream runs.

Check out all the sources for printables and blogs below. 


July Calendar

Weekly Dinner Calendar

Grocery List Week 1

Grocery List Week 3

Go-To Food Blog Sources

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