The Fogue Abode: The Family That Miters Together...#projectbathroomreno

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Family That Miters Together...#projectbathroomreno

Can I let you in on a little secret, DIY remodels are not all glamorous and occasionally are the source of conflict.  The next step in our bathroom reno project was to install the baseboard trim.  I selected a thick chunky trim to give it that craftsman look.  We decided (or rather made the mistake) to use the skilsaw instead of purchasing or renting a miter saw to make our angle cuts.  Since it was only a few cuts, we didn't think it would be that bad.

If you had asked me on trim day, I may have said that was the worst point in the Mr and my relationship.  We watched several youtube videos, had our measurements and our game plan and set to the task of cutting the trim. 

Let me just put this out in the universe, mitering inside and outside corners is a learned skill.  It's not to terribly difficult, it just requires a little thought and practice on the measurements end.  We made several short cuts.  And, we made several angled cuts wrong. We both ended up frustrated and cranky. 

We may have ended up with more trash pieces of trim then what we actually installed.

But after a few screw ups, we learned the right way to miter the corners.  Once we finally got all the pieces cut, we nailed them into place.  Learning that it's best to nail along the bottom and then add one nail into every other stud to keep the tall molding tight against the wall.

After this step, I went through with some calk and filled all the nail holes and seams and painted right over it with my trim and door white paint. 

And don't worry, the Mr. and I are back on good terms with these satisfying results.

This certainly added some of that finishing touch to the bathroom don't you think? 

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