The Fogue Abode: DIY Bathroom Towel Holders {Industrial Style}

Monday, July 11, 2016

DIY Bathroom Towel Holders {Industrial Style}

Remember that super long blank wall in the bathroom?  Well, I've been racking my brain for a fun idea for that wall for 6 long months.  With all the white and light colors, I really wanted something to contrast that.  I also wanted to add some industrial elements to the room. 

When we had our trip to the lake back in April, I was drawn to the different water valves I ventured across.  I thought using a couple of different valves as towel holders would be just the industrial element we needed for that wall. 

I found this set of valves here on Amazon and used some scrap boards laying around the garage to install them to.  I purposely picked out the imperfect and odd sized boards just to give it some character.  Plus, it's easier to hid screw ups when you intend for them to be different, right?


I stained the wood a dark chestnut brown using a Rustoleum stain, drilled holes for the screws and screwed each valve onto the board.  I used simple brackets nailed to the back to hang them by.

Project Total came to $27.

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