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Friday, July 1, 2016

Fogue Faves - June Edition

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Welcome, welcome (in my glamorous Gone with the Wind impersonation.)  I may have southern elegance on the brain because I'm obsessing with Southern Charm right now.  I can only aspire to be Patricia Altschul, right!?

I wanted to start a monthly recap which I'm titling Fogue Favorites.  There will be several quirky categories in which I will outline what we are loving on this month, something I hope is a lot of fun.  So, welcome to the first edition of Fogue Favorites.

This month, I am so longing for a planner.  The OCD organizer in me just gets super giddy seeing all those goals tabs and weekly tabs.  I'm really digging this ME Planner by Plum Paper for $35.   I like that you can select the start month, so it's not something you have to do at the first of the year.  They also let you include add-ons so that you can make it completely custom.



Let's venture over to Liz Marie Blog and check out her final tour of her master bedroom.  It's the classic southern farmhouse getaway that could have been plucked straight from a Joanna Gaines home.  I love how they did an accent shiplap wall.  I feel like a whole room in shiplap is just too much, but the one wall was just right.  The white on white in this room is so crisp yet cozy.  I love the little touches like the wooden bead chandelier and the flanking magnolia wreaths.  I'm definitely tagging this one as a possible master idea for later on.



I want to give you the one vintage item I am lusting over and searching high and low at every flea market for.  This month, that item has to be a fun wooden sign (I know, not 100% vintage.)  They are all over instagram and the blogosphere.  It is a must for any house hold and can easily be incorporated anywhere.  I found my Our Nest sign while at Vintage Market earlier this month.  It really rounds out the little shelf we built. 


Here I wanted to highlight something weird or random for you guys.  I left it vague so that I can have fun and go any direction with this category.

Today I want to talk swim suites for mom's.  It's such a hard choice to make when your a mom of a toddler.  You want something that's cute, but flatters your not so perfect post baby body.  You also have to keep in mind that you need something that keeps the girls in place while your chasing down a two year old. 

I have found my perfect swimsuit, let's take a trip back in time when a size 10 was the size 2 and girls were beginning to feel comfortable in their own skin.  Yes, I purchased a retro high wasted bikini, and I like it!

I found mine on Amazon.

In an effort to appeal to our guy audience, or if your just needing an idea for your man, I want to introduce to you something that the Mr. is digging each month. 

This month, Fogue favors Under Armour.  Any time I pull up his Amazon wishlist, it is full of Under Armour items!  Hats, Sunglasses, Boardshorts, Camo.  You name it, the Mr. has it.

Ok, what did you guys think of the Fogue's favorites?  What are you digging this month?

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