The Fogue Abode: Room x Room House Tour {Living Room} + Flooring Reveal

Friday, July 22, 2016

Room x Room House Tour {Living Room} + Flooring Reveal

I have some great news, we finally got our flooring finished! I'm just over here doing my happy dance!

If you'll remember back in May when we had our not so little water leak?  Two months later, a lot of debate over flooring, and 2 additional weeks of contractors, the flooring is finished.  I think it looks great! 

So what did we end up going with?  We decided to go with a vinyl snap in plank.  It has the look and the installation like a natural wood floor except water won't damage it.  With 2 dogs and little ones running wild, we both figured that was the smartest idea.  Even though I so wanted real hardwood.  Oh well, something to dream about.  Instead of sugar plums dancing in my head, it will be cherry oak hard wood panels. 

The flooring is from DaZignCore in Dune which we got through our local hardware store.  It's a beautiful wood color with hints of gray making it look weathered.  I was really worried it would be to gray with our walls, but it looks fabulous. 


So, now that flooring is done, we can start putting our house back together.  Two months of a disaster area has my anxiety through the roof.  It feels really good putting the rooms back together.  And with a toddler running rampant like a little Tasmanian devil leaving a path of destruction in her wake,  I figured now is a great time to get those updated room pictures out to you guys.  It's going to be a slow process so I will probably do it room by room.  Today I am starting out with our formal living room. 

So when our house was built, this was the only living room.  It wasn't until later that the former owners decided to close in the garage to create the larger family room.  Now we use this space for mommy (that's me) to be creative and have something pretty. 

I love how the piano is coming together.  It took a little while and some collecting of junk, but it's starting to look put together.  I kept Aspen's birthday pictures up (did you catch that opps....Major reveal you better call TMZ stat) they are just so darn cute.  Next on the to do list is giving this piano a coat of paint.  I'm still trying to decide what color that would be.  I'm feeling a real light teal.

Over the years I have collected lanterns, they fit so perfect in the fireplace to fill that empty place.

You see the little bird cage on the right?  It was actually from our wedding.  I am a hoarder of cards, I just can't let that sentiment go, so we collect them in this bird cage.  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines, you name it we keep it.  It's actually fun to go through and see the fun little notes we wrote each other. 

Well that rounds up the front living room.  Make sure to tune in next week for more tour fun. 

Source List

Paint Color - Sherwin Williams Dorian
Flooring - DaZignCore Dune
Chairs - Lamps Plus Flynn Upholstered Armchair
Ottoman - The Painted Tree
D├ęcor - Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Flea Markets


  1. I love the idea with the cards in the birdcage! How sweet. :) Your living room looks great, thank you for sharing!