The Fogue Abode: Room x Room House Tour {Master Disaster}

Monday, July 25, 2016

Room x Room House Tour {Master Disaster}

Welcome back to our room x room house tour.  If you remember back to Friday, I discussed how I would be going room by room as we put everything back together from our flooring installation.  Today, I wanted to show off our not-so-impressive master bedroom.  Regretfully, this is the one room we really haven't touched since we moved in two and a half years ago.  I really haven't had that "ah-ha" moment with the direction I want to take our room. 

The plan is to upgrade to a newer King bed with some kind of night stand/table on each side that matches instead of this miss-match thing we have going on now.  The side lamp was a quick grab from Walmart because I needed something for middle of the night feedings when Aspen was just a baby. 

The curtains covering the window are actually still up from what the previous owners left and the opposite wall just has the dresser and a tv.

We really need to focus on adding more furniture, selecting a paint color besides this beigey color and updating the lighting. 

I guess the one thing I am totally loving in this room is our new floor.  We certainly need to bump this room up in priority ASAP!

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