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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Fogue's Do The Fourth

I, the unruly bathroom slave-driver, allowed the Mr. a nice weekend break from house projects.  Ok, ok, it was for a good reason after all.  The Fourth of July is quickly becoming one of our favorite holidays as a family.  Our weekend was full of sparklers, homemade ice-cream, a little water fun and lots and lots of hot dogs, A's new favorite dish.

We packed up Mowwy and Wowa (that's Molly and Lola in A language) and ventured down to my parents house Monday for a little Fourth of July Bash at my sisters house.  She requested a set of invitations for her now annual party, so I whipped up a set on Photoshop Elements. 

Thanks to my unusually large family, A has a brood of cousins to play with.  She spent the afternoon swinging, sliding and playing in the sprinklers.  This was all before she devoured her share of hot dogs.  Future hot-dog eating champ in the making.

Look at that little pot-belly, I'm seriously crushing on the babybod! 

We got in a little family photo-op at sunset as we were impatiently waiting the firework show.

Finally it was dark enough to get the show started.

We truly hope you had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed celebrating America's Birthday! 

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