The Fogue Abode: August 2016

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fogue Faves - August 2016

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I feel like a broken record, but how the heck has August come and gone?  I'm guessing it's my eager longing for fall and all the fun we've had this month like going to the beach and all the house touring we have been doing.  But here we are, the last day of August, and that means another round of Fogue Faves. 

What are we digging the month of August? 
I'm so pumped for fall!  Cool temps, colorful leaves, pumpkin patches, football, apple cider, nights around the campfire.  Just a few of my favorite things! 

 Make sure you stop by and check out my new instagram pal Kimberly_seasonsina1916home.  She has the most beautiful feed!  I may get a little weak in the knees every time she posts her lovely dining room.  That wall paper gets me every time and makes me want to slather all of my walls with its goodness.


This month I am having some major pumpkin + dough bowl lust!  I love how Bell Tree decorated her bowl a few years ago.  I'm just loving those white pumpkins and gold stems, inspiration for some fall projects!

Woods of Belltrees
Speaking of instagram, have you been following along on my instagram lately?  If not, make sure you are to see all the hand lettering fun I've been having.  I've talked a little bit here about hand lettering.  It's a super fun hobby to create beautiful words. 


Well Adios August!  See you next year. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Room x Room House Tour {Dining Room}

It's Monday which means I'm back again to show another room from our home.  This Monday is pretty special to me, that means it's officially game week for this college football fanatic.  You will see some of my craze in todays room reveal.  I'd love to hear a sound off for your favorite team!  Make sure to leave us a comment below, and a great big Woo Pig Sooie to you!

Today, we are touring the dining room.  Well, it's what we call the dining room.  It's really too big to be classified as a breakfast nook, but with the open concept of our living area, this the designated eating space.

I mean, first off we have to talk about that glamorous high chair!  While it doesn't fit into the amazing magazine photos, it's our real life.  I have to give a PSA to the Fischer Price Space Saver High Chair.  This has been a breeze to take with us, plus we don't have a big bulky highchair in the way.  It fits perfectly on our chairs and Aspen gets to participate in family dinner, not be separated.  We purchased ours off Amazon which I linked above if you are interested.

If you follow me on instagram, I'm sure you have noticed my favorite aspect about this room, the DIY Shelf we put up behind the table.  It's such a fun aspect to the room. 

Against the wall is one of my favorite flea market finds, the butcher block wine rack.  I would love to paint the base of this white to give it a lighter farmhouse look.

To the right of the butcher block is a built in shelf.  We left the red backing from the previous owner since it complemented my fun razorback dishes (told you I was a crazed fanatic) and cookbooks. 

Remember the homemade silhouettes I created back when we first moved it?  I finally got around to adding Aspen's silhouette to go along with ours. 

So here is what we plan to change about this space:

1. Update the Light Fixture:  I would love to add a more industrial type pendant light and have it center the table.  Would this box pendant from Shades of Light not be so much fun over a round table? 

2. Table Upgrade:  This is the table I've had since college, it works fine in this space, but I would love to update it to something a bit longer and lighter and more grown up.  Perhaps play around with some mix & match chairs?  I would love to find a round table to put in this area like this one from Restoration Hardware.

3. Update the Built In:  I want to give this a fresh coat of paint and have some fun with some wallpaper.  I would also like to bring in a few more farmhouse style pieces to help move this room into the direction I started with the corbel shelf. 

Removeable Wallpaper - Etsy
Are you not drooling over that table?  Restoration Hardware can be such a tease.

Now where are all the football fans at?  Make sure to give us a shout out below.   

Friday, August 26, 2016

Fall Home Decor Trends

Ok, ok, I just can't stand it any longer.  Must have all the fall décor NOW! 

I may get a little ragey when it comes to transitioning to fall.  My mom-hulk monster may come out if it doesn't hurry up.  As I prepare all of my fall pieces to meet their new home for the next two months and get my house smelling like a big fat pumpkin, how about we go through a few new fall trends I'm already seeing and digging.

Pumpkins are always a fall go to when it comes to decorating.  But, specifically I am seeing a ton of white pumpkins.  Have no fear if your store has run out, a can of white spray paint can easily solve your problems.


Hand Lettered signs are all the rage lately.  As fall approaches, its time to break in those good fall quotes.  Etsy has a plethora of fall signs, or you can update an old chalkboard or mirror with some hand lettering yourself.  For a quick guide to faux calligraphy, check out Dawn Nicole Hand Lettering 101.


Deer antlers are making a big splash this season.  It's fun and entertaining for both the man of the house and his wife.  You can decorate by just laying a set around in a fun fall vignette.

Holiday Home Decorating Charlotte NC

I saw wheat bunches used recently in a wedding bouquet and fell in love!  What a perfect and fun element to add to your fall décor.  If you live near a wheat field, extra bonus points for you.  Just grab you a handful (but don't let the farmer catch you) and tie it up with some jute for this look.

Embrace My Space

If I were to pick out one color that seems to be making the rounds this fall, it would be bright yellow.  Orange is usually the color of fall, so I am excited to see something a little brighter and cheerful.  Don't get me wrong, orange is great, but yellow could make a statement for you in your fall décor.  Try bringing yellow mums or bright yellow fall sunflowers to your tablescape or porch décor this fall.

What's your statement fall piece this year?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DIY Exposed Bulb Lamp using Edison Bulbs

I have had a serious fascination with Edison Bulbs.  Their warm and industrial glow simply mesmerizes me into a DIY day dream.  They are just too pretty to hid under a lamp shade.

So when I saw these exposed bulb lamps at World Market the other day, I was in serious lamp lust.  I love the simple beauty of this lamp.
But their $50 price tag for a wooden box didn't leave me too inspired.  So I set out to figure how I could create an exposed bulb lamp myself.
Back in the madness of the newborn stage, I was desperate for a lamp on my night stand to help me see in the darkness of night, when the rest of the world slept, but I was up again with a hangry baby.  So I trekked out to the only store our small town has, Walmart.  I bought the cheapest/nicest looking lamp I could find and voila, problem solved.
But then, I was stuck with a boring lamp, which could be a perfect Exposed Bulb Lamp with a little help. 
I started by dissembling the lamp and covering the socket with painters tape. 

Then I gave it a light coat of Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze to give it all one dark look.  
Once dry, my new lamp was complete, just had to add the Edison Bulb. 

Perfect piece for fall/Halloween don't you think?   
While I was fixing up the lamp, I decided to go ahead and give my chalkboard a new fall look. 
Pumpkin's are my favorite this year.  I am just way too excited for fall.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Room x Room House Tour {Kitchen}

Hola Aboders!  I got my Kimmy Gibbler impersonation going strong today after having quite the constructive weekend.  I can't wait to share everything we've been up to.   

First I want to start with another round of house touring, this time I am featuring our kitchen.  Thanks to the previous owners, we haven't had to do much work here.  The cabinets were painted white with black granite countertops.  I just had to simply add some personal touches.


But while my work seemed that simple, I have done some rearranging to have a more functional and pleasing to the eye space.  If you remember, we used to house the appliances in the corner.  That just wasn't working out for us.  So I moved things around for a much simpler look. 

And here is proof that you can make something chic out of anything.  If you're a parent, you probably recognize the name on the crate.  Yes, I stole a toy from my child to use as kitchen decorations.  Melissa & Doug are both fun and functional.

A couple of items on the ol' to-do list include:

  • new backsplash - I have never been a fan of the bead board, it's also a pain to keep clean.  It's not easy to wipe down like a glass backsplash may be.
  • freshin up the cabinets with a new coat of paint - The downside of white cabinets are that they show stain overtime.  Especially around the stove area.  It's just a maintenance step required with white cabinets. 
  • a statement range hood.  Something to give this kitchen a pow factor. 
  • accent lighting above our island.  It's probably the darkest space in the whole area.  Something fun and creative could really give this room some personality 
  • replace the ol' boob light. 
Once this round of updates are complete, I need to tackle what to do with the empty space above the cabinets.  Decorations?  Build the cabinets up?  Fun lighting?

Friday, August 19, 2016

Down the Rabbit Hole {Bible Journaling}

These cool days we are having sure got me in the mood for fall!  I'm ready to smell some pumpkin spice, drink hot cider and cozy up in a sweeter.  While my mind says "crazy, its still August!"  my head is saying "bring on the fall décor." 

So before we jump into my favorite time of year, I want to share with you the dangerous rabbit hole I have found myself in. 

First, I discovered hand lettering thanks to Dawn Nicole which lead to buying all the Tombow markers and trying to conquer this crazy task of hand brush lettering.  (fyi, it's much harder than it looks, just check out my first time trying it.)

Then, I got into Bible Journaling.  Oh boy!

So I wanted to introduce you, my lovely readers to bible journaling with the basics in hopes that you grow in this journey with me. 

What is Bible Journaling?

Journaling has become more than just writing out notes from a sermon or a study.  It has became quite the creative means of worship and study.  Sometimes, doing your own bible time can be hard.  It becomes difficult to find time for, kids are in the way, the excuses become abundant.  But then, I found a spark that got me excited again.  It was the opportunity to grow in the word and worship my Lord with my creativity.

Rebekah R Jones

Bible Journaling can be whatever you want it to be.  I love how some people stamp and washi tape there bibles, while others paint and draw.  You can express your thoughts in any way you see possible.  Which is the fun of it all!

Rebekah R Jones

So, if you want to begin this journey with me, you can start, just as I have, by checking out Rebekah R Jones.  She has a wonderful blog full of Bible Journaling how-tos. 

If you are interested in fun supplies to get you started, DaySpring Cards Inc has some excellent items to get you started.

Once you've started, make sure to post your journaling pages on social media and tag me in it.  Use my fun hashie #FoguesDoBibleJournaling to show off your work.